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    Ok, so today my wife and I with another couple went out to taco bell today and while we were eating, someone walked up with a ferret. So I walked out side cuz i was being nosie. The guy told me the it was just walking around in the parking lot, and I asked him what he was going to do with it, is reply was 'nothing', and then I told him I would take, so I got a free dinner and a free ferret! Today was a good damn day!

    I need suggestions for a name!

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    advantages: easy to write, easy to read, short name, mod related

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    Two things to consider, if you havn't already .. is it legal to own one where you are? and is this one safe to own? (shots? etc?)

    ... I have a Ferret too, take mine out all the time .......... but mine has wheels on it and I drive it :lol:

    .. I like the name Dremel ... although .. we call our Ferret the Gerbil ... he he he , that might be funny


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    I don't trust anyone that has Ferrets and Gerbils we hear you lot are sick with what you do with em.................... :wink: j/k

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    You going to make an attempt to find the original owners? I know that if any of my pets accidentally got loose I would really really hope that the person that found then would take the time to try and find their owner.

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    I think the most I will do is check the paper. If there careless enough to let it get loose like that I don't think they should have it. A Ferret is not a animal that should be kept out in Ohio weather.

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    Here re a couple names.


    As in the devil.


    was the god on mischief or something like that.

    I had one once also. They're pretty cool.

    Lost it in while enjoying a Nacho Supreme in Ohio. Miss that lil' guy.

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    Tazz for the suggestions..

    My wife and I have decided on a name, 'Scrat'....
    It is the squrrel from ICE AGE.

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    lol im glad i read your last post cause i was gonna suggest scrat too.

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    Stanky lil bastages but they ROCK!!!

    I have wanted a ferrett for as long as I have been alive.
    Hope to get one sometime in the future!

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