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Thread: linking x360 to pc?

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    linking x360 to pc?

    ok well my 360 got 3rrod and instead of pay the microsoft bastards anything i was kinda hoping to mod my pc to play x360 games (as its better spec than the 360). some ppl seem to think its really simple, just connect disk drive and hdd to pc and should work but im 99.9% sure thats bs. what i wanted to know was how possible it would be to do this and how similar the components are. i've heard each disk drive only works for 1 motherboard but there is a workaround. im pretty much in the dark here i mean ive built my own pc's but im guessing microsoft will have made this REALLY hard. im assuming x360 wont use standard bios. basically i need to know if this is possible or if i should just give up and pay ms?
    thnx =]

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    linking x360 to pc?

    How old is your 360? You do know that they extended the warranty to up to 3 years for the three rings of death and that you have to pay ZEROto get it fixed. We just went through this and it only took about 2 1/2 weeks to get it fixed.

    I think there are a few 360 emulators out there some were...I just don't know right now.

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    linking x360 to pc?

    yeh i know. its already been sent off once and its more than 3 yrs old. i dont really feel like payin £50 for a problem that never should hav happened. also how would it work, ie would u create program to launch the dashboard or summink or would u have to choose which system to run from bios?

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