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Thread: Best way to glue wood???

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    Best way to glue wood???

    Hey guys, i would say my woodworking skills are really good, but im not good at glue wood together....

    Whats the best practice for this? application consists of glueing alot of peices of wood together at the ends

    MDF 12.5mm Wood

    550mm x 70mm (i have to glue alot of 70mm to 70mm end together...

    Few questions:

    1) should i use gorilla or yellow glue??
    2) When i apply the glue, there are bound to be leaks of glue at the edges, should i wipe this off immediately, or wait for it to settle and dry, then scrape off the excess later on?
    3) do i apply glue to one edge only, or both?
    4)how long do i need to wait for wood to settle
    5)are clamps necessary for bonding?....ive not used them in the past with great results.
    6)lastly - how can i make sure my peice will be square after bonding?

    Thanks to all in reply

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    Best way to glue wood???

    Yellow wood glue works really well if your using regular wood not MDF. For MDF I would use Epoxy its not cheap and you need to clean with actone and wear gloves. Epoxy will harden like a rock and nothing will affect it including gas you can grind it to clean up the shape ect.

    You can find good info about work with wood and epoxy by looking at boat building sites


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