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Thread: Introduction and Noob Alert

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    Introduction and Noob Alert

    Hi all,

    I was checking out CPU Mag, March edition with 'Green Flame' on the cover, so I thought I would stop by and check out the site.

    I'm from the US, 40 and love to work with creating things. Mostly I have done some case painting and not much into the heavy modding as others do.

    SO after one day of browsing the internet, I saw a new case for a new system I am currently building to replace my old single core.

    Well the wife wanted a black and red theme and I decided to try my hand at modding a simple case. The case in question is a Coolermaster 590.

    What will make the case special is a moble rack that raises and lowers from the top of the case on four gas springs. It will also feature a vertical cd/dvd drive under a mesh front.

    Other accessories include a Phillips PC Contoller (paint modded to match the case) as well as a keyboard and mouse combo to match as well.

    The case will be lit up by using 7x 120mm fans. The moble rack will be modded to have a fan on the top of it to keep the HDD cooled.

    I will start a work log in the members section for others to follow along.

    Thanks for letting me join.


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    Introduction and Noob Alert

    Hello CT, welcome to the site.

    Its nice to see a new face around. You will find that we all have the same urge when it comes to creating things . If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, I am sure that our community will give you a helping hand in any way they can. I look forward to watching your progress.


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    Introduction and Noob Alert

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

    Great to see that you saw the article, Tony worked really hard on that mod and it shows!

    Please do post up any work that you might be doing as everyone loves to see how the work is done and the final outcome.

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    Introduction and Noob Alert

    And just so that you are fully aware... several of us are in the same age bracket as you!
    Welcome to the party!

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    Introduction and Noob Alert

    And some of us are above the age bracket as well, youngster! 0-0 :mrgreen:

    Welcome to the forum!

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    Introduction and Noob Alert

    Welcome CT, I too am in your age bracket although a few years past LOL. Your idea sounds way cool and I'd love to see your workog as or when you're able!

    Best of luck to you!

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    Introduction and Noob Alert

    Thanks all to fellow modders.

    I started it here, will post up more pics as soon get a day off of work....GOD I hate retail work. :lol:

    For now, heres a link on this forum to it.

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    Introduction and Noob Alert

    Yeah Fluffy is umm .... an OLD FART!!

    BTW ... welcome to Modders-Inc.

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    Introduction and Noob Alert

    Yeah Fluffy is umm .... an OLD FART!!
    Uhm, Hum ..... remember that "OLD FART" qoute when i spank you in all things gaming! :twisted:

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