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Thread: Project: Red Dragon

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    Project: Red Dragon

    I decided to update my single core system with a new quad core system and a custom case.

    I didn't find any nice looking ones out there in the color and style of my choosing so I am modding one to fit my style.


    Case: Coolermaster 590
    Mobo: Asus M3A79-T Deluxe
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core
    MEM: Consair Dominator Series PC5200

    The CD/DVD drive I am using will be a Asus Lightscribe Drive - Sata version. It will be mounted in a vertical position.

    The moble rack is a Kingwin 4000 unit. This will be setup on 4x gas springs which will allow it to raise and lower from the top of the case.

    The drive bay rack will be removed to allow for this installation. (Photoshop edited)

    Because the cd/dvd drive will be under the mesh. The label had to be removed.

    Keeping the center part as is.

    Sanded with 80 grit, then 120 grit, then 220 and finally 1500 grit.

    Nice looking shine, all ready for the self etching primer.

    More to follow.

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    Project: Red Dragon

    Next I ordered up some modder mesh from MNPCTech and started my paper template.

    Using a shell of an old cd-rom, it gave me measurements needed to map out the template.

    Once the measurements were done and lines made, I checked twice to ensure nothing was off.

    A - sides.
    B - vertical drive position and two drive bays available for future mods.
    C - 120mm fan (red) mounted.

    A view from under what will be modder mesh.

    A view from looking bottom to top (if installed in the case).

    Next, onto the 590 case itself. I will be removing the top cover, which is riveted on and sanding it down to bare metal so I can work on the moble rack mod.

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    Project: Red Dragon

    intresting, want to see this fly into gear!

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    Project: Red Dragon

    Thanks Razer121,

    I promise I will post up pics of the case steps real soon. For now here is my choices for case color and such.

    Anodized Red for top, side panels and mesh. Gloss black for the CD-Drive. Flat black for inside case and shell.

    Comments and suggestions welcome.

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    Project: Red Dragon

    Man that looks like a really awesome idea, I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

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    Project: Red Dragon

    Thanks twitch,

    I liked the idea of the R4 Bulldozer and a few new case designs that are out and got inspired by it.

    Since I'm still learning, bondo and stuff like that are out of (cost) for me at the moment.

    My design will be elegant, yet simple and professional looking.

    Be back soon with pics of the case modding steps...Freaking snowing out, so the weather is not just right for painting yet....

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    Project: Red Dragon

    Interesting Computer_Tinker, watching to see how it goes...

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    Project: Red Dragon

    Thanks PC.

    Been working non-stop mostly and no time to mod.. :cry: Hopefully this weekend will be in the 50-60* so I can get some painting done (CD-Rom - Case shell) and do some dremel work on the case.

    Edit: Forgot to ask the question:

    What are some really good (LED) red 120mm fans out there. A good balance of pushing air and the dB under <25?


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    Project: Red Dragon

    New from Coolermaster: 37

    Has anyone have one of these? Does it really push/pull 90CFM and is 19dB?

    Edit: Note not available in North America and some forums state 'hard to find'.


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    Project: Red Dragon

    Hi CT, never used those fans so I am not sure, but your mod is off to a very creative start and I am looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

    50's to 60's this weekend would be a nice heat wave for me, last I heard a little while ago it was about 19 degrees here. burrrrrrr.

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