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    3D- Modding

    I was thinking of making a paper mache skull and mounting onto my case, so that it looks a skull is actually coming out at you. One small problem though, a tap would send it tumbling off and shattered. I thought that I could drill a small "stick" in above the drive-bay to serve as a support for the mace to cling to. Yet another flaw is that I could drill right into my top DVD drive, so that is where I get stuck. I suppose that I could glue it on, but something tells me (must be my inner modder X-0) that it won't quite hold. Any suggestions, please? :?:

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    3D- Modding

    take everything out of your case and drill it. I also would recommend sculpy instead of paper mache.

    Either that or a two part epoxy.

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    3D- Modding

    yeah, drill it down. take out all of your stuff first.

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    3D- Modding

    True, but even if I take it out, drill the stick in and mount the skull, will my drive fit again, won't the "stick" block it?

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    3D- Modding

    drill it and put a screw from the inside of the case out and then screw the scupty skull on. very secure and drive should still fit in the bay without a problem.

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    3D- Modding

    Yeah, or use a nut and bolt.

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