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Thread: NZXT's new Panzerbox case

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    NZXT's new Panzerbox case

    Looks like a real contender for mid-tower class. It comes with 2, 190mm cooling fans. It also has brackets for mounting optional dual 120mm size radiator. Removable Motherboard tray and welded aluminum chassis. Available in late April, $119.99 us dollars

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    NZXT's new Panzerbox case

    Not too bad I suppose. That seem like a weird spot for the PSU. Wouldn't mind seeing someone throw some hardware in it and see how well it works.

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    NZXT's new Panzerbox case

    NZXT is sending me one to check out, and mod.

    Agree, I'm also talking with Nate, from CustomPCMAX (our local Gaming PC outfit) about coming over to the shop and install a system in it and throughly test it.

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    NZXT's new Panzerbox case

    i do wonder how 2 8800gts would sit in that....i think it might turn into a heater lol but it is a nice case, look forward to you getting ahold of one bill

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