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Thread: Rebuilding my computer

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    Rebuilding my computer

    I have decided to rebuild my system from the ground up. After looking at modding options, I decided to go with a simple and effective scheme. I am bad with power tools and DIY projects, and I am not interested in major external case modifications anyway. I opted for a lighting-centric design with emphasis on displaying the internal components. I am currently looking at clear acrylic cases with room for expansion, but could go with a clear side panel approach. Essentially, it would focus on color scheme over decals and art.

    I have three themes in mind. First is the basic solid color approach. Second is a scheme based on the Mass Effect holographic art style; predominantly orange with blue highlights (or vise versa) in a clear case. Third is a Matrix style computer, the industrial feel set to a green scheme.

    I have about 200 dollars to kick off the project. Is this enough? The clear cases I was looking at on Xoxide were around the $60.00 price range, and the cold cathodes, fans and wire management should come to around $40.00. I would also like to save some money for hardware upgrades and peripherals. I just ordered an Eclipse II illuminated keyboard and am currently running a 1680x1050 monitor, so factor those out. This comp is going to be set up with gaming in mind. (WoW, EVE Online, Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed and Portal are the range I'm looking to run well, I think Crysis may be serious monetary overkill) Will this work on a $150ish budget? How much does a basic clear-case overhaul end up costing? Will I have to do a lot of cutting or power tool work? Also, any ideas on the scheme, what would/wouldn't work, what sounds cool? Thanks!

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    Rebuilding my computer

    Welcome to the site and it sounds like you already have a pretty good idea in hand. Having built a clear case Lucid Dream the real trick is less is more. So going with a clear case you can go with less money. You just need to select a color scheme and go with it. Some lightimg always makes a clear case POP, but try to stay away from CCFL lighting. Go with LED's

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    Rebuilding my computer

    I agree with Americanfreak. If your going with a clear case, LED produce much higher quality of light with less heat, plus last longer than CCFL lighting.

    As for gaming in mind, the cost of a mobo and vid card will be the most expensive things. Some of the games you mentioned require a dual core processor to run well. WoW for example runs slow and laggy on my son's computer because he has a single core processor 1.8ghz, his vid card is a Sapphire 512mb DD2 Radeon 1650. Wraith of the Litch King states it requires at least a dual core 2.0 Ghz to run well.

    To check to see if your system can handle a certain game, go here:

    Great place to see if your rig is up to the test to handle high end games.

    Good luck with your project and welcome to the forums.

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    Rebuilding my computer

    For the hardware of the system, it needs to handle extensive professional video editing with my Adobe Premiere Suite, the video card needs to be dual-screen compatible in case I decide to buy a second 1680x1050 model. I want it to run games at max graphics, exculding Crysis (I think of Crysis as more of an excuse to run your system on liquid nitrogen) I'd also max out my memory, which is a must for professional high-quality video editing. So that's the hardware aspect covered.

    I'd like to discuss the style though. I had several ideas on making each style unique.

    For the Mass Effect theme, I was thinking I could "frost" the clear paneling for the distinctly holo-3D effect of the game. For those not familiar with the game, the computer screens usually look like this:

    Multi-layered and orange. The problem is, I don't see orange lights for sale, and with this setup, I'd really need to crank those up. I could insert extra clear panels for effect, to catch and intesify the light in smaller panels that would be cut in asymmetrical geometric windows. That I'm pretty sure I can do.

    With the Matrix setup, I'd be going with a black case with a clear side. The front would be dotted with slits and holes for the green light to shine through in small, controlled increments. The guts would be heavier and more industrialized, I could probably work some black or even dark metal tubing plugging into the walls. It would definitely be a lot more metallic and hardcore. Also, if I go with it, I promise to always run the digital rain screensaver as often as possible.

    For the colored setup, I'd better have a good reason for not going with the above themes. I was thinking I could do it in an unusual color. Blue is basic and softer, but I'd like to see what sea green or deep purple would look like, different shades of existing themes to create a unique effect. I know going with pure blue would be kind of a downer after all my tough talk of ambitious themes, but really I love the simplicity and mystery of it. Ideas, ideas ideas! I need input!

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