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Thread: How do I learn all of this?

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    How do I learn all of this?

    Hi, I thought I'd post this here since the hardware boards are not centralized. I need to get started on everything. I need to know everything about hardware and modding. Airflow, video cards, gaming setups, overclocking, operating systems, power supply... everything. However, I can't find good, current reference books anywhere. Where did all of you learn all of this? Local library, internet guides, a friend? I need to start from the bottom up, I'm going to seriously throw myself into revamping my machine and custom selecting parts and the like. So, is there a centralized source for this info, do you learn best from frying your own cards until you get it right or are there popular books that get people up to speed? I know I can't learn all of this overnight, but all I can get from the internet is scraps from and, and the books I have found are either outdated, harcore advanced or a "seniors guide to the newfangled computerthings" I am pretty fluid in general computer terminology, but need to start from the bottom up and cover anything. Any tips, links, books would be appreciated.

    I would also be interested in knowing how each of you personally acquired your computing knowledge.


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    How do I learn all of this?

    Well everyone learns differently. Some like the hands on approach while others like book learning style.

    For me I started out with the hands on side. Tear it apart and put it back together. Then start tweaking as I went. Once I had the basics out of the way, I would then read up on specifics to get more information. Trying to combine to many of them at one time will get a bit overwhelming. Each of those subjects has a lot of information to come along with them. Even the experienced guys here will tell you that they don't know all there is to know. Its a constant learning process as things evolve.

    On the modding side, having had a background in mechanics and carpentry, it was only a matter of time before that influenced my hobby of modding. Even the simplest things can get very technical.

    From the items you listed I would look at the basics of the hardware and gaming setups to get a feel for what your wanting. From that point you would move into the airflow and modding side. When modding its always best to have a plan figured out before starting. That way you know you will achieve your goal with the smallest amount of effort. If you do the modding first and then realize that your airflow wasn't up to par. You have to undo some of the things you already did. You can move into the OS optimization and overclocking side once you have your setup fully built.

    As far as specific links, I dont have any personally bookmarked at this time.

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    How do I learn all of this?

    Hi Scryer and welcome to M-I.

    Most of the questions you posed are relatively easy to answer. I've been a computer enthusiast since 1982 when the first pre-PC's came out and I've learned bits and pieces along the way by reading mostly and trying things out for myself. Part of what your asking also is basic OJT, in other words you'll learn it as you go along.

    To try and encompass everything into a relatively short time frame is a lot to put on yourself.
    My opinion (fwiw) would be to allow yourself to progress and ask the questions your most curious about. As they're answered to your satisfaction or understanding push yourself to the next component or level to understand even more.
    For me I had progresses somewhat but most of my understanding was about the Internet and somewhat about software and very little on hardware. What I challenged myself on was building my own computer eventually, which I've done. You might experience some failures along the way but don't let that stop you even for a moment.
    A computer is nothing more than a machine. A very smart machine in some ways but still a machine.

    I'm assuming you already have at least one computer? The best place to start is with what you already have. I began upgrading my components in my old Compaq system and needed to understand more so I began to search for info on the web. What I didn't find there, I asked about. Sometimes at shops or to other people on websites who knew more than I did (here).
    When I became relatively comfortable with the ability to upgrade the natural progression was to build my own system. I researched different parts/components and listened to others opinions and advice. Most of that was here on M-I. The talent on this website for me was more than enough to satisfy my curiosity and hunger for knowledge and ultimately helped me to build my very own PC.

    People like Taz, fusinfun, Sheldog, Bill from MNPCTECH, xcalibur, and many others are my resources. If I can't find an answer to my query I ask one of them and at the minimum, take their opinions pretty much as gospel.

    The best advice I can give you is to read. And when your done with that, read again. And then read some more. As questions come to mind ask them.

    It's not going to happen overnight for you and you know that already. You've come to the right place though to start and the wealth of knowledge here can't be bought for any amount of money. Start wherever your interested the most and then read and then start asking questions and trying things for yourself.
    It's about ingenuity, resourcefulness, skill, willingness to learn, and taking calculated (sometimes) chances.
    It's like inventing. You take an idea or concept and then you research it and then you build it. Here though you have the most wealth of what you need though, experience!
    A great bunch of people who are always willing to share their expertise, skills, knowledge and ideas.

    Welcome aboard and let your journey begin. :mrgreen:

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    How do I learn all of this?

    All of those things are spot on.

    There have been a few books on modding released, the only one that I have was a MaximumPC book on modding ( )

    here are a few more books:

    If you learn better by reading, then doing... these books may help you on your way.

    As everyone else has said, take your time, focus on an aspect of computers that you want to know about, and dig in. Computer enthusiasts are very diverse in our knowledge specialties. We are here if you need us!


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    How do I learn all of this?

    Thanks everyone! I usually like to make educated decisions to buy the exact part I want, but maybe I'll just start building my machine without extensive prior knowledge. I am pretty fluent in hardware and software, but I really don't know how they tick, when they should be ticking, when they shouldn't be ticking, how much they should be ticking, how much this ticking is going to cost me, etc. I think I might just start taking apart some old computers, reinstalling the OS, putting them back together again... I'll take my super-old beige box out and wipe the hard drive and get it working again, then maybe I'll take apart my current HP, 9600 GT dual core computer. I'm familiar with the basics, I'd just like to know how it all really works. So, I'm starting with hardware, then when my comp is up and running, move on to software. After messing around with some old stuff.

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