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Thread: The Patroit

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    The Patroit

    i7 965
    Foxconn Bloodrage MB
    6GB Crucial Ballstix
    2 * EVGA 280 GTX SLI
    DANGER DEN Case & watercooling
    X-Fi Pro SC with 750 Gigaworks Speakers
    28" Hanns
    300GB velociraptor
    1.5 Tb storage
    Tagan BZ Power supply


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    The Patroit

    wow. it's pretty amazing you can fit all that in there. How hard is it to tinker with?

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    The Patroit

    Great job, I really like the white tubing in their too. Is it PVE tubing?

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    The Patroit

    Tygon Uv white. I only found it at danger den (one size 3/8)

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