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Thread: Asus M479A Deluxe Mobo

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    Asus M479A Deluxe Mobo

    As I continue to work on my mod project, I have my tax return burning a hole in my

    I want a decent mobo and memory that will be worthy of being my new modded system.

    I am currently looking at many options, Originally was going for the Asus M379A Deluxe board and then saw that Newegg has the newest release from Asus out. The M479A Deluxe mobo with AM3 support as well as support for DDR3 memory.

    That is something I am certainly thinking of making for a purchase to go in my next rig. I want a mobo that is upgradeable and not obsolete one month off the shelf.

    Questions for modders out there.

    Q: Does anyone else have this board? How is it for overclocking and the CrossfireX platform?

    Thanks, much appriciated.

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    Asus M479A Deluxe Mobo

    Just curious why you didn't go Intel? Just price or..?

    could you link us to the board your looking at so we can check it out.

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    Asus M479A Deluxe Mobo

    Sorry modders, Heres the link. @ Sheldog. I'm a AMD fan, always have been. Used to be an Abit fan til they stop making mobo's. odelmenu=1

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    Asus M479A Deluxe Mobo

    Well I love Asus I think they make great boards. The lower end boards are iffy at times but I never have had a problem just know those who have. This mobo looks really nice and from what I read is pretty good. If you're going future proof with the AM3 and DDR3 then this is probably the board to get.

    Found a newegg link to compare too for those interested.

    I don't have any direct experience with AMD as of late. I switched teams to Intel with the core 2. I'm waiting to go back but they just aren't doing it for me right now. Can't really go wrong with ASUS though.

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    Asus M479A Deluxe Mobo

    ASUS :-)

    I have had very little trouble with all my ASUS boards over the years and I currently have the P6T Deluxe OC Palm

    I think the P6T models are very good and have lots of stuff to tweaker the system with. But they are Intel and well...trying not to piss of AMD fans.....they rock right now.

    [web] l=18&ad_style=&zipcode=&country=&ad_keywords=Asus+ P6T+&ad_topcat_id=1[/web]

    I am not very fond of their software for tweaking, but thats just me. :wink:

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