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Thread: Fun and STRANGE movie!

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    Fun and STRANGE movie!

    Just saw the Indie film, "Hank & Mike," and I'm honestly blown away with how funny and strange it is!

    It's about 2 Easter Bunnies that get fired for being screw-ups, and the stuff that happens afterwords. :P

    The characters NEVER remove the costumes in the movie (even during the sex scenes) and everyone acts like it's perfectly reasonable ...

    Besides it's fun and quirky nature, the soundtrack ROCKS !!!!!! :wink: 8-)

    Enjoy this 3:30 clip from youtube, with music from DEE.

    The set-up is that they have just been fired in the "Easter Bunny" corporation. 0-0 :twisted:

    Watch "Bunnies gone Wild"[/video]]Stand - Dee

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    Fun and STRANGE movie!

    haha, sounds funny. I'll have to check it out when I get home later today.

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