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Thread: What aluminum should I use

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    What aluminum should I use

    Ok well would build my own custom case. I have 2 pc cases I could use but I think it would be cool to build my own like sheldog23 did in the project13 case. I have a few questions. I am only 15 so I haven't Been in this world long so I have no clue were to buy red plexyglass or what type or whats a cheaper substitute that looks like aluminum and can obtain the brushed aluminum look. I want the case to look a little like Tazz's awesome creation "Green Flame" in the March 09' edition of CPU. Just not green but red side and with the flames going verticle on the side, but thats about all I want to use from that design (want my case to be one of a kind) I was wondering if Tazz could explain how he got the light behind the front flames to act as a hdd indicator I would like to do something of that nature but a a twist in someway maybe have the fans flash or something of that style. I love computers and working with my hands and have decent skills with a dremel and some electronic knowledge. Any help would be appreciated and remember I'm only 15 and i don't think my parents want to spend 100$s of dollars for me to buy metal and plexi just for fun.


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    What aluminum should I use

    I found a place to order the plexi well its cast acrylic buts its translucent red so it fine, but I'm still stuck on what aluminum to use.

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    What aluminum should I use

    Ok found this site and think this aluminum is ok, but would like a second opinion 6&top_cat=60 please let me know if 1/32 inch is ok to use or should i use 1/16in.

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    What aluminum should I use

    Thats where I bought my 6061 aluminum that I used in my Green Flame mod. No complaints.

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    What aluminum should I use

    Well if you are looking to use the aluminum as a way to "skin" over the plexi or any case they I think you found the right stuff to use. At 1/32 the aluminum would be, oh, about like putting 4-5 pieces of paper together. At 1/16 of an inch you could bend it and use it to make stuff. One of the case mod projects I have been playing with for the last few years uses 1/16 aluminum and it very strong.

    At 1/32 you could easily cut it will some tin snips. At 1/16 you still can, but it would be better to use some other way of cutting it.

    Hope this helped and Welcome to the Forums at Modders-Inc!

    BTW you picked two of the top guys to look too for inspiration on modding ;-)

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    What aluminum should I use

    I just found a local metal supply and bought a few pieces. Some of my aluminum is .080 aluminum (little over 1/16&#34 and some of it is 1/8". I usually don't use anything less than that due to flexing. Unless the piece is for purely cosmetic uses.

    If you find a local metal supply place they will sometimes even cut it down to size for you for little if not no extra charge. They might even brush it for you or have brushed already. I usually cut all mine on the table saw or with a router and guide. I don't know you some people like Tazz do this stuff by hand. I have great respect for him (and sympathy) for doing it like that.

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    What aluminum should I use

    Ya, by hand seems like a lot of work, but I'll probably cut some details by hand. I will probably use a dremel, jig saw, and a small cut wheel. I've wanted to air brush flames on to my case for a long time then i seen tazz's creation and fell in love. I've drew up some designs and I think i am going to do flames vertically on the right panel and on the front. Since this is my first major mod well not really big for you goddly modders but big for a 15 year old new to modding computer cases, but I think I'll just cut the side of my current case drop on the red side and cut the flames, and hopefully as fall approaches and I buy my new dirt bike i will take on a complete case build. Tazz could you possibly explain how you achieved getting the front panel behind the flames to light as the Hdd indicator, I think im gonna make a front bezel out of aluminum and use some spray anodize to anodize it red. Then raise the flames off about 1/4 inch so it achieve a glow from a red LED fan, but i would like it to maybe flash as the HDD indicator, not that i even pay attention to the indicator anyway the flashing would just be a cool effect, or I would even just buy a red led strip of something if I cant get the fan to work that way.

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    What aluminum should I use

    First of all... Hand sanding and polishing a project like mine takes some dedicated time. I'm with Sheldog on the thickness as well. I wouldn't go below 1/16" at the least, and probably wouldn't go that low for my own build. I do understand the costs of aluminum. Before you go cutting the aluminum, make some paper templates first, tape them in place and make sure what you have in mind is what its going to look like before ruining a piece of metal .

    Tazz could you possibly explain how you achieved getting the front panel behind the flames to light as the Hdd indicator

    This shot pretty much shows it all. I simply made a filler plate for the 4 bays I wasn't using. I then trimmed out a section at the bottom of it to allow the LEDs on the Dragon Hard Drive Activity Meter (this is 5th or 6th one I have used in mods). I them cut a piece of the UV reactive plexi to match the aluminum flame. I mounted the plexi to the filler plate, and then epoxied the aluminum to the plexi. The Hard Drive activity meter plugs right in place on the motherboard header and has a molex connector for power. The hardest part is mounting it which will depend completely on the case structure.

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    What aluminum should I use

    hmmm.... well it looks as if they no longer sell it. Went to the site and it is not there, and I understand the time this is going to take thats why i looked at green flame as inspiration as I am one who likes challenges. I have always been into modding whether it be my dirt bike or my rc cars and slight mods to my computer. So the time is not really a problem. I was wondering how to achieve the brushed aluminum look by hand or if there is a way of doing so?
    I think I may just make a turbine fan in the front as Bill Owens shows how to do in his tutorial, but I just have to find away to have it coming through the flames without looking stupid, and is there any way to mod or put LEDs into the fan casing to make then sound sensitive? I dont really understand the whole resistor and wiring using the 3 or 5mm LEDs, but I'm willing to learn if it can work?

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