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Thread: I Have a Little Secret

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    I Have a Little Secret

    Back when I was gathering the parts for my project Namesake, I was looking into how to do the window. I finally decided on using the arm bones to go across the panel to the front fan.

    Well what you didn't know is that when I went looking to buy the acrylic bones, I checked ebay first. There was an estate auction for a doctor who died. He had a complete "REAL" skeleton that was being sold group by group (complete foot bones, complete hand, complete arm, etc.). I bid on the three piece right arm bones and was outbid by 5 bucks! My max bid was $200.

    So, if you ever look at my completed mod again, remember it was almost real.

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    I Have a Little Secret

    whoa now that would have be one real cool ad on to this mod if you got it!!

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