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Thread: Ron Jeremy Horror Movie!

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    Ron Jeremy Horror Movie!

    I just LOVE cheesy horror movies that don't take themselves too seriously .... and brother does this one know it's CHEESY!

    "A hostile alien wreaks havoc on the cast and crew of an adult movie." .... basically by killing Ron and then possessing his "talent!"

    2:31 seconds of NSFW funniness!

    And if you doubt this is an actual movie, from IMDB:

    See the humorous trailer (NSFW) here :

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    Ron Jeremy Horror Movie!

    That looks like it's gonna be good, though a bit cheesy, but good.

    Really, now who else could think of a plot like that except Ron.

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    Ron Jeremy Horror Movie!

    Saw this last night .... and was as Great (and Cheesy) as i had hoped for! :mrgreen:

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