This is a case build for the WatercoolingUK 2009 mod competition - and it got first place!!! I generally do not work to a deadline but at my own pace with a million other things going on, but for this case I had just over 2 months to get it done, and that was a bit of an AHHHH!!! moment as I have never ever been good at timing. The case that we were going to be modding was an Akasa Eclipse 62 knock off also known as the YYC-62F1. The rules of the competition meant I had to work in a £100 budget, I had to do all work myself and I was not allowed to use CNC machines, powder coating, spray booth etc. This worked in my favour as I had about £100 left after Christmas and I do not have the time or money to do CADs etc so I was on a level playing field with everyone else. These are the final pictures I am busy working on a full work log that will follow sometime soon.

the case before transformation

the case

acrylic separating the bit I made from the orginal

the bulge on the front panel

the case in the dark 1

the case in the dark 2

turbine fan with a blue led fan behind it

mnpctech turbo fan grill on motherboard tray

hole for water block installation

Cable management holes


Being a case that I wanted to watercool, it needed a window obviously. However I was not happy using a normal rectangular window on this mod. It needed to fit in the theme of the case. The main theme I wanted to utilize the curves that were present on the chassis. The window design needed to use the raised edge that goes from one side of the case to the other. So I drew the window using the chassis as a guide and then added 10mm to the top and right hand side. Cutting the aluminium on with my trusty jigsaw <3 :P and spent ages with a file and sand paper getting the curve to my liking. 3mm acrylic was then attached with the tape of the gods. Unfortunately I have no images of the work but here is the finished product.

The raised section of the chassis

Curve with the chassis

the panel

Tape of the Gods!

close up of the curve

Here is the home made bending brake, I will be making a guide for this soon (remember this is my soon so it may take some time)

and a rough before and after image of the brushing

I am also very thankful for for both sponsoring this project and posting it on the