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Thread: AC/DC 12v pc fans, help

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    AC/DC 12v pc fans, help

    Im wanting to start a mod on my xbox 360 because im sick and tired of the RROD, i want to know if i get an old ac/dc power thing that plugs into the wall and i cut the wires and join them onto about 4 pc fans, is that safe, will it catch fire or anything ?

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    AC/DC 12v pc fans, help

    Yes you can do it, but you need a few bits of information to make sure it is safe and it can be done with what you have.

    1- what is the output DC voltage of the wall pack
    2- What is the amps that the wall pack can handle
    3- what is the wattage used by the fans

    Each of the items above should be listed on the items themselves. The one you want to look at the most is the amount of amps that the wall pack can handle. If the power draw is to great then the wall pack will overheat and thats when the troubles start. If you are thinking about a cell phone charger then you probably be out of luck as the output on those are in the very low mili-amp ranges.

    If you can find that info them we can help you a bit more.

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