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Thread: My computer

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    My computer

    Ok everyone, I had to make a tough decision today. Not about my Xbox, but whether to keep saving for my dirt bike this year, or scrap that, sell my current dirt bike and build a computer. A dirt bike is cool, but i realized i won't ride it much this summer with work. So I'm instead going to start building a barebone kit in May sometime. I am in planning stages right now. How does this motherboard look? It comes in a barebones kit with an Athlon 64 3000+ proc and attractive steel case. It isn't a premod either. Here is the motherboard.

    One review reccommended it for gaming and photo editing, ironically my exact two purposes of having a computer :P The price is right, too. Another review said it OC'd great which i will do. Finally, all reviews on Tiger Direct of that mobo are by first-time PC builders, which I am. I think a barebone kit would be cool as it isn't so agonizing to accomplish!

    Here's the mobo

    And the Barebone kit i found it in:

    Any help will be appreciated!

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    My computer

    My thoughts:
    The motherboard looks...promising. However, it uses agp which in my mind are going out of style. PCI E boards are what you want. ALSO! 754 sockets are going out of style to, they're going to stop being made. 939 sockets are what you do . It uses usb 2.0, that's good, serial ata, that's good as well. It supports 2 gigs of ram, that's good, if you don't plan on doing A LOT, video editing, gaming, photo editing, servers, etc. Onboard audio, good so that you don't have to buy a soundcard, saves you some money, lack of sound, but heck, plenty of people use onboard sound.

    Those are my thoughts

    Here's a board that seems more fitting, I have used it with a customer of mine. So far, no problems, the southbridge fan was making a VERY loud noise, i pushed it in, it stopped, even when it came baack out:
    MSI isn't the best company, but they're not the worst.

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    My computer

    ya I don't want AGP i knew it had it but...

    Anyone with a board that is PCI-E, no onboard sound (gonna have a booming soundcard and soundsystem, 5.1!) and no problems? Prefereably 939. I didn't know if it was big or not anymore, i figured it was going out.

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    My computer

    No onboard sound won't help the cost to much. I have onboard sound but I am about to purchase a 7.1 creative card. asus a8n sli is a good motherboard, dfi lan party is as well. MSI's K8n neo 4 is cheaper, and still fine. Those are the ones I have a fair amount of knowledge on.

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    My computer

    ya I think the DFI Lanparty is pretty good. I'm not actually gonna build a computer I don't think. I think I'll have one built to my specs at a place locally that is really good. I'm worried I won't be able to finish it. I'm already feeling overwhelmed from my Xbox.

    This place has every wellknown mobo there is. And money won't be a problem too much. By the time I get it built i should have about 2000$

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    My computer

    Newegg is a pretty good place to looking at the specs and what people think of it. If you are a real OCer, get a DFI with a Venice or Opteron. And some Ram that lets you OC too will help get some good speeds on that.

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    My computer

    I've decided to build a comp on

    It's pretty well priced. I can build a pretty good comp with an AMD Athlon X2 3800+ for about 2200$ Canadian. That's with everything too. Speakers, peripherals, monitor, everything.

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    My computer

    Alright here's a spec list

    $2,350 CAN, right in my price range.

    • Antec P180 ATX Mid-Tower Case w/420W Power Supply
    Power Supply
    • ** iBUYPOWER Recommended ** NZXT PF-500 500 Watt Power Supply
    • [939-pin] AMD® Athlon-64 X2 3800+ CPU w/ Hyper Transport Technology
    Processor Cooling
    • CoolerMaster Liquid CPU Cooling Fan System Kit + 2 EXTRA CASE FANS
    • Asus A8N-E nVidia nForce4-Ultra Chipset w/7.1 Sound, Gb LAN, S-ATA Raid, USB 2.0 PCI-E Motherboard
    • 2048 MB [1024MB X2] DDR-400 PC3200 Memory Module Corsair XMS PRO w/ Heat Spreader & LED
    Video Card
    • Nvidia Geforce 7300GS 256MB w/DVI + TV Out Video
    Hard Drive
    • [Special !!!] 200 GB HARD DRIVE [Serial-ATA-II, 3Gb, 7200 RPM, 8M Cache]
    CD/DVD Drive
    • Sony DWQ-30A Dual Format/Double Layer 16X DVD±R/±RW + CD-R/RW Drive Silver
    Sound Card
    • 3D Premium Surround Sound Onboard
    Speaker System
    • [Black] Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround Speakers + Subwoofer
    Network Card
    • Onboard LAN Network (Gb or 10/100)
    Floppy Drive
    • Mitsumi 1.44 MB Internal Floppy Drive Silver
    • LCD Monitor ViewSonic 17" VX724 TFT LCD Monitor [Extreme Gaming; 3 ms; Silver/Black 2-Tone]
    • Combo: Logitech Cordless Desktop LX700 (LX 700 Keyboard + Click! Plus Rechargeable Optical Mouse) Black
    USB 2.0 Accessories
    • Build-in USB 2.0 Ports
    Flash Media Reader/Writer
    • 12-In-1 Internal Flash Media Card Reader/Writer Silver
    Operation System
    • MS Windows XP Home Edition w/Service Pack-2 [w/Free Game - Age of Empires III]
    Case Round Cable
    • Professional wiring for all cables inside the system tower.
    • Warranty Service iBUYPOWER Deluxe Warranty Package(Standard Warranty plus: First Year On-site Service and 24/7 Phone Support)
    Rush Service
    • Rush Service Fee (not shipping fee) No Rush, Ship Out in 5~10 Business Days

    I know no one wants to go to the link so here is the case. I don't plan to touch it because it's so beautiful.

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    My computer

    Did you want our input or you just showing it to us?

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    My computer

    oh i want your input! :P What would you leave or take out?

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