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Thread: Redneck fight.

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    Redneck fight.

    So the other day at school I was sitting on a bus to go to some awards program, I knew I wasnt gonna get anything so me and a friend were just being dumb shits as always. The first 5 seats of the bus on both sides were filled 2 to a seat, nothing but rednecks, this shouldnt surprise me but I was laughing my ass of at the twang sound in their voices. So I turn to Jeromy and say "Hey, I feel kinda redneck riding this bus," apparently one of them heard me and they started shit.

    I decided the best thing to do was ignore them cause they go to a different school and the only time I could possible see them, which is highly unlikely is at Vo-Tech in the morning. I didnt say anything after that, not that I was scared for my life but about 10 of them or so, that would immedietly jump on me if I called just one of them a cousin-****er like I planned, but my conscious thought better for some sadistic reason. Anyway I was just contemplating what I could've done if I chose to fight them. Take note though, 2v10, not cool, but hey I'm just curious. :?:

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    Redneck fight.

    Battles are rarely won when the numbers are not on yourside.

    It sounds like you got a ding in and they got a few in, but no one got hurt.

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