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Thread: What to buy?

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    What to buy?


    I'm new 2 this forum so just like to say hi. Ok my quastion is are the things I'm planning to buy good and how to wire them etc. Ok this is the stuff I'm planning on buying:

    Another quastion I have is about this UV things. Do they just light in the dark or do I need to shine UV light on them

    Ill be thankful for a reply

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    What to buy?

    First off, welcome to the forums. We are glad to have you here. Please take a moment to look around. We welcome you're ideas and hope we give you some in return.

    Well your choices are a matter of taste really. Are they good and will they work are really two different questions. They are not to my taste but Yes they will work. The UV stuff needs UV light to shine on them directly to make the "glow" in effect.

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    What to buy?

    Ok so will something like this shining on it make it glow? em=200336974704

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    What to buy?

    Well yes that will. but you can also buy UV ccfl's or LED strips like the multi color ones you had selected there. Like so....

    You can even get UV lit fans to throw in there.

    just a tip: pic one color for lighting and stick with it. At the most two colors can be done well.

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    What to buy?

    Is the case Ok and everyting?

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    What to buy?

    It's hard to tell from just that one picture. It seems rather small and cheap. Most likely you won't have much room in there depending on hardware. I don't care much for the design either. Like I said it's hard to tell from that pic and I couldn't find it when I googled it anywhere else.

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    What to buy?

    How about this one? Computing_DesktopComponents_RL?hash=item3900467410 62&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=66%3A2|65%3A15|3 9%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50#ebayphot ohosting

    What exactly do you want to know about the case

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    What to buy?

    Honestly the case is the backbone of the PC. Hardware comes and goes but a good case is forever. and when that hardware comes and goes do you really want to be busting knuckles in confined places with sharp edges. Really you should research a case you like and find out what the pro's and con's are about it before you buy. Read as many reviews as you can about it.

    Here are things that are important to me when I look at a case:

    Airflow: You really need to see a good profile of the case to get an understanding if the case has good airflow. How many fans does it come with and what kind. Are there spots for fans that are available but not filled. really these days you don't want anything less than a 120mm fan either.

    Functionality: does your case have any tool less features. Do the DVD drives snap in and out or do they all require tools. Same with the Hard drive cage. does it have trays for the drives for easy install? Is there a removable Motherboard tray?

    also, you'll want to look if you have space. Can you fit larger Video cards, coolers or Power supplies comfortably. Is there room for cable management. Clean up and routing and what not. Places to hide them like behind the mobo.

    Lastly Looks: we are modders here so we see more than just what is but more of what could be. Sometimes a simple design has more potential than a pre-modded case. Depending on the vision of the user.

    Price: What's your price range. You will most likely have to make sacrifices on some things. sometimes not depending on price.

    Use: I'm assuming you are using this for gaming as both those links said gaming PC.

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    What to buy?

    Are you limited to ebay? Do you have other outlets to buy from? The variety there isn't that great.

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    What to buy?

    I have decided on a more expensive case: hosting
    It has been resaerched and I think it is the ultimate case for me.
    I mean:
    Its tool-less
    It's big
    Its got good fans(I'm buying most of my own anyway :P)
    Good airflow

    What do you think?

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