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Thread: Happy Birthday AmericanFreak!

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    Happy Birthday AmericanFreak!

    Happy 46th birthday dude! :mrgreen:

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    Happy Birthday AmericanFreak!

    duuuude. Happy birthday. Wow, 46!! Your almost halfway there!!

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    Happy Birthday AmericanFreak!

    Thanks guys....

    I don't feel that old...well in mind and spirit that is. The good thing is that I just had some testing done at the Doctors and all the test came back good! He said that I had the ideal test results.

    our almost halfway there!! what? Soft foods and Depends? :-)

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    Happy Birthday AmericanFreak!

    Happy birthday D.

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    Happy Birthday AmericanFreak!

    Happy Birthday dude!

    Yanno ... ideal test results could mean anything ...

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