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Thread: Connecting the power switch

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    Connecting the power switch


    I've just got my new case (still hot ) and even know this might seem very stupid... I really don't know how to wire the switch with the motherboard. My MB is an ASUS M2V-MX-SE and my case is RAIDMAX SAGITTA 921. I've attached some photos:

    The small cables say:
    Orange: Power SW
    Green: Restart SW
    Red: HDD LED (+ -)
    Wide 1: HDD Audio
    Wide 2: AC '97

    I know what they are I just don't know where to plug 'em in Can some1 help?

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    Connecting the power switch

    as the picture is oriented, the top right two pins next to the USB connector.

    [ + + + + 0 ]_____[ 0 0 + + 0 ] ____[ 0 0 0 0]
    [ + + + + 0 ]_____[ 0 0 0 0 0 ]____________
    attach the wires here ^^^^ (to the two plus signs)

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    Connecting the power switch

    That is what the manual is for . Asus's are normally very informative.

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    Connecting the power switch

    Well I might be missing a power LED cable but that shouldin't be a problem! When I connect it how I think it should be it switches on for 1/2 of a second (well the fans ect. move for 1/2 second) and then nothing! Pls help me. Ill put come pics of how I connected it:

    Nothing connected. I think I'm supposed to plug 'em in to the one under the SATA (but the one with 2 rows)

    USB cable...


    Pluged in bottom right 2 horizontaly

    The green 1 is Reset SW (means switch I think) and that's from the 3rd to the 4th pin bottom row from right - horizontaly

    Orange - Power SW I think goes in the top row from 3rd to 4h pin (from the right)

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    Connecting the power switch

    That is the correct header, and they are connected correctly. If its not powering up when you try to boot. You need to check a few things.

    You need to make sure the mobo isn't shorting on an extra standoff or something under it. (very common issue)

    Probably the quickest way to do it, is simply bench test the setup before installing it in the chassis. (lay the mobo on the mobo's box).

    All you really need connected to do a bench test is the mobo, cpu, gpu, and memory. If it tries to boot then you know that you had a problem with the install in the chassis. If it still fails to boot then you have a problem with one of the components connected.

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    Connecting the power switch

    ah, brings back memories of building my first PC. So frustrating, so rewarding.

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    Connecting the power switch

    Well this isin't my first but still is frustrating it's just my first case of this type and my first motherboard without a manual :P Well ill get on with the bench test now

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    Connecting the power switch

    OMG ull necver guess...It turns on perfectly by the srewdriver the problem is with the wiering of the switch...please can you look at the pictures again and tell me if i'm doing it right.

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    Connecting the power switch

    Noooo...It works by the bench method but when in the case...doesn't work no matter if I use a screwdriver or not...what can I do?

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    Connecting the power switch

    Make sure that you have a good ground.

    I've seen weird things like this when people use the plastic motherboard stand offs instead of the brass ones with a screw.


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