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Thread: CM Storm Scout Window Case Mod

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    CM Storm Scout Window Case Mod

    This will be another Insane Case Mod by

    The CM Storm's Sniper and Scout gaming pc cases have side panels that are interchangeable, you can use the right panel on left side and vice versa. Normally the Scout comes with a window panel, but Cooler master sent me a sample with no window panel to play with This is a great opportunity to make my own custom "Scout" window!

    I applied scotch brand painter's tape so I could draw the new window design. To compliment CM Storm's military theme for their cases, I'm incorporating a "Targeted" 120mm machined aluminum fan grill

    Before cutting out the window, I'm using a 4.5" hole saw to cut the hole for the "Targeted" grill and 120mm cooling fan.

    Hole saw attachments sizes for computer cooling fan holes
    For cutting fan holes in acrylic and metal.

    80mm = 3” hole saw
    92mm = 3.5” hole saw
    120mm = 4.5” hole saw[/video]]Video Guide To Using Hole Saw Attachments For PC Modding

    To cut the window in the Scout's panel, I first use 1.5" reinforced cutting wheel with my Dremel to make the first cut in the panel, this intial cut always me to use my Jigsaw with 18TPI cutting blade to cut the entire panel more efficiantly.

    Using Jigsaw with 18TPI cutting blade to cut the entire panel.

    Once the window is cut, I drill 1/4" holes so i can use #10 5/8 fan screws
    for mounting the 120mm fan and "Targeted" 120mm machined aluminum fan grill
    in the side panel.

    I'm touching up the exposed bare steel made after cutting the panel with Matte Black enamel, instead of using u-channel window molding

    Stay Tuned, More to come....

    (Yes, this case is for the next CaseModBlog

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    CM Storm Scout Window Case Mod

    ah yes! Super strength adhesion from Scotch #4010 clear tape. Used for mounting windows in computer cases.

    Red Transparent Acrylic from Delvies Plastics,

    I'm using the "Targeted" 120mm custom fan grill, it's cnc machined aluminum!

    Since the "Targeted" grill is aluminum, it requires a different type of paint and preparation before I can paint it. Scuff the surface first with a red scotch brite pad, (or med grit automotive sandpaper) then wipe off the grill with a tack cloth.

    I like to use SEM brand "self etching primer" because it provides the best paint adhesion to bare metal surfaces. You want to apply a good enamel paint like "RUST TOUGH" by Krylon.

    I allow the paint 24 hours to cure.

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    CM Storm Scout Window Case Mod

    Love delvies and love your work!
    Nice job!!!

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    CM Storm Scout Window Case Mod

    Nice work and nice window! You gonna mount the grill to the outside like that or is it there just to show how it will look?

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    CM Storm Scout Window Case Mod

    thanks dudes, outside like this..looks awesome!

    Video of the Scout on Youtube

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    CM Storm Scout Window Case Mod

    nice vid guide link, and great work on that window mod! :thumb:

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