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Thread: adding internal USB ports to a laptop

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    adding internal USB ports to a laptop

    Ok I'm needing some help with a project. I'm trying to add 1 or 2 more USB ports internally to my Toshiba A105. I've looked up stuff on the internet but the one I found uses an existing USB and you just solder wires to it with your device of choice. It makes that USB port you solder to unusable to any other USB devices so you'd only be able to use it for your internal USB device. On my device manager I have 5 usb root hubs and 4 actual USB ports on the computer but i need help finding the internal 5th one so i can solder some wires to do my mod. If anyones done something like this or can help please respond.

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    adding internal USB ports to a laptop

    Can you piggy back a usb port to an existing port and still be able to use the exiting one. Like you take one usb port your comp has and then take another USB port and solder it directly to your existing one will you still be able to use your existing port plus the one you just solder. Would the existing one you just soldered your internal USB to become dead or not. I know you maybe fix the problem if you have a hub but A105's don't have alot of room in them. I'm looking to save my external ports when I mod this.

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    adding internal USB ports to a laptop

    yes, you would lose a port. I know that some of the netbooks have an extra usb connection on the board, but it is not soldered to a physical socket. It is related to the pci-e mini connector if my memory serves.

    If you don't have the unused solder points, then you would have to sacrifice your port -- or at least only use the external while the internal is disabled/disconnected or vice versa.

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    adding internal USB ports to a laptop

    Alright one last question here. Since I can't find the solder points on the board (I think its used my the SD card reader in the laptop) if i went and got a USB board from another A105 and and plugged the cable into the existing slot thats used by the USB ports would it add the additional ports or would it make a massive conflict with the USB like i'm thinkin. I'm just tryin to make sure on everything here.

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    adding internal USB ports to a laptop

    If you are talking about plugging multiple ribbon cables into the same place, then yes, massive conflicts.

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