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Thread: Power of }{ Worklog, for AmericanFreak

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    Power of }{ Worklog, for AmericanFreak

    Work in Progress Detailing the past work that led up to what i had at DesertBash!

    I call my machine the Power of }{ (X)

    The original hardware after my first build left something to be desired,
    But when i got my new job i got the money i needed to re-build it as I
    wanted it to be!

    The Solid Steel Thermaltake ARMOR Extreme provided the ideal base for
    my project that i could cut and abuse without weakening its structure.

    ===Back Panel Mounted RAID Pair===
    Durring the upgrades i noticed that the hard drive rack was blocking
    the vents on the side of my Antec 1000w power supply and that it was
    a very bad idea. The Back Side panel is very thick Steel so i found
    some Annodized Aluminum Drive Enclosures and removed the bottom
    plates and the control circuitry from them untill all i had left was
    the box with the bottom plate missing.

    After several hours of dremmeling and drilling i was ready to mount
    them onto the back side panel to house my RAID pair of Seagate Baracuda
    160GB Sata Drives. I bolted the enclosures on from the inside of the
    panel so that the top covers were still removable, and ran my cabling
    bundles to both enclosures through the dremmeled holes and loaded the
    Primary and Secondary Drives into there new enclosures. After that I
    removed the hard drive rack from the case completely to allow unrestricted
    airflow to the Power Supply.

    ===Water Cooling System===
    My previous watercooling system was an out of the box Nautilus 500
    that was barely getting the job done with the 1 x 120mm single radiator
    it came with so i took the entire system out and sold it. I wanted to
    do it the right way now that i was building a machine to take pride in
    every aspect of! I ordered the DangerDen Black Ice Pro III (3 x 120mm)
    Radiator, 3 x Scythe UltraKaze 133 CFM 3500 RPM Fans, 3 RED LED Fans, A
    Thermaltake P500 Pump, Swiftech Acryllic Reservoir, and the Swiftech
    Apogee Drive Waterblock.

    (paragraph added 6-20-2009)
    My plan was to mount the Radiator Assembly on top of the case but if your
    familiar with the ThermalTake ARMOR you know that this model originally
    had a FireWire/USB/Accessory Unit on top with a frame that was over a
    foot long, so in order to mount my Radiator Assembly i had to completly
    unwire and remove it because it was blocking the spots i needed to drill
    through to bolt the support studs into the case and if i modified the
    Accessory unit to make it fit it the height of the Radiator Assembly would
    block the Cover over the USB/Firewire ports and make it un-usable. So
    the entire Accessory Unit went bye bye.

    I drilled holes in the top of the case and used Bolt Studs to mount the
    Radiator Assembly to the top of the case securely so that there is no give
    in any direction and no vibrations.

    The Loop has dual pumps, the ThermalTake P500 Pushes the fluid from the
    bottom of the case up to the Radiator Assembly, and the Apogee Drive
    Pump/Waterblock Pulls it down from the Radiator assembly to the CPU and
    then pushes it back into the Reservoir. The Entire Loop is 3/8 ID Tubing.

    I Removed the factory 120mm rear exhaust fan and brackets to make room
    for the liquid reservoir which i mounted in the mesh where the exhaust fan

    The Coolant is PEAK 50/50 Pre-Deluded Antifreeze from AutoZone, used
    because it is partially nonconductive, Completely Non-corrosive, and
    coincidentally UV reactive. I used 2 arrays of Laser Blacklight LEDs to
    illuminate the Reservoir and a portion of the tubing to a pattern beat.

    You can levitate 3 CDs half an inch high on the Airflow Output of my Radiator

    On the front under each Shield i placed Cold Cathode tube lights, Red on the
    left, and Black on the right, and to accent them i added white posts to the drive
    bay covers to glow with a UV/RED effect which looks cool.

    The Radiator Assembly has 3 RED LED fans the top for looks with the Heavy Duty
    Black Scythe Fans on the bottom pushing. It also has a 6 port Fan Power
    Distribution Block with blue indicators to make 1 x 4 pin molex power the 6 fans.

    I have a 2nd RED Cold Cathode in the front just inside the Left Sidepanel to illuminate
    the panel and the Clear Plastic Drive Cage Locks. There is a 2nd BLacklight Cold
    Cathode to make the lower sections of the tubing and the Videocard Labels Glow.

    There is a Blue LED fan in the front panel from the factory for air intake.

    I mounted a HoodScoop on top of the case at the front to accent the performance
    style look and added 2 6-LED banks inside it to make the Vent Screen Glow Red
    with a switch to turn off the scoop Lights for the occasions when someone it in the
    path of the Laser LEDs Beams since they are very bright.

    The original airflow scheme thermaltake made the case with was to flow from the
    front to the back which left a hot spot around the chipset heatsink of my board so
    when i was deciding how to implement the watercooling i decided the best way to
    get the most airflow through the case was to have multiple paths of flow. The way
    i have it setup now the airflow is Intake from the bottom front and bottom rear
    with everything exhausting out the top and since heat rises it would be very
    Work in Progress......

    4071.53 MHz -
    3964.86 MHz -

    Benchmark 3Dmark06 @ 3800 MHz:

    System Name: Power of }{
    Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Watercooled(214.4x18cpu=3859Mhz)
    Motherboard: Asus M3N-HT Deluxe NForce 780A
    Cooling: Custom Watercooling by Swiftech and DangerDen
    Memory: 8 GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 6400 (4-4-4-12) (214.2x4=857)
    Video Card: BFG Tech GeForce GTX 285-OC 1GB
    Video Card: PNY Tech GeForce GTX 285-OC 1GB
    Harddisk: SSD + 2 x Seagate Baracuda 160GB 16MB cache SATA2 - RAID 0
    DVD Drive: Sony DVD-RW 18X
    Monitor: 28" Hanns-G 3ms 1920x1200 + 22" Samsung 5ms 1680x1050
    Case: Thermaltake ARMOR Extreme Edition Modded
    Sound Card: Logitech USB
    PSU: Antec Quattro 1000w
    Software: Windows XP Pro X-64 Edition

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    Power of }{ Worklog, for AmericanFreak

    If you have pics in that post, they are not displaying....

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    Power of }{ Worklog, for AmericanFreak

    Its a beast, AmericanFreak has the best pictures! Taken last SAT at the lanparty.

    in process of getting them

    EDIT: Gottem, thanks AmFr.

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    Power of }{ Worklog, for AmericanFreak

    bump added pics

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    Power of }{ Worklog, for AmericanFreak

    Wow thats amazing man! What does the toggle switch at the front of the panel do?

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    Power of }{ Worklog, for AmericanFreak

    hood scoop lights, they are laser LEDS and they are blinding if there pointing at you or someone else, so they have a switch

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    Power of }{ Worklog, for AmericanFreak

    Added my overclocks and bench to the first post:

    4071.53 MHz -
    3964.86 MHz -

    Benchmark 3Dmark06 @ 3800 MHz:

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    Power of }{ Worklog, for AmericanFreak

    That's a pretty crazy setup. Nice OC'ing. What are they things on the back side? Are those more rads or just air intakes?

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    Power of }{ Worklog, for AmericanFreak

    The silver boxes house a Seagate Baracuda 160GB SATA Drive Each, My RAID 0 Pair.

    As stated in the log above they are mounted there because the original hard disk rack blocks the power supply air vents on the Antec Quattro 1000W i have.

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