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Thread: hooking up a GBA screen to PC

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    hooking up a GBA screen to PC

    I'm new here and haven't really had much of a look around yet but felt like I should ask this question before I have to shut down(nasty storm is on its way)

    Anyways I'm not one to waste anything I buy even if it breaks and recently my Original Game Boy Advance decided that it didn't want me to use half my d-pad or my triggers so I took it apart.

    Now I have a nice little screen. Another nice thing is that I love Racing Sims and have been working on a cockpit wanting to set up some gauges to display data and stuff on them and I think this screen would be fine for the job but have no clue on how to get it set up to work on a PC?

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    hooking up a GBA screen to PC

    that requires the gba to still function -- not necessarily the buttons but the main harware at least.

    Just the screen part, I would bet that you are SOL.

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