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Thread: Logitech Z560 Media Center

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    Logitech Z560 Media Center

    So like 2 weeks ago, I was tearing into some Locust's on Gears of War when *pop* my bass decided to fry itself

    Well... whataya gonna do???

    So I likes to watch me some movies. My family likes to watch us some movies. Why not replace our current media center PC with a custom case??
    Why not make a custom case from my blown bass speaker??

    So thats what I'm gonna do

    So anyway... here is the current media PC. I'll get the specs later when I transfer the hardware across.

    And the media center to be...

    Check that heat sink!!

    Opening her up

    The guts

    Some more guts

    And finally, the rear plate I hope to reuse

    Inside mostly gutted and tubing cut down to more appropriate size:

    This is why parents don't help

    Front grill removed

    As she stands now... Cleaned out and stripped

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    Logitech Z560 Media Center

    Interesting. Are you going to keep it somewhat speaker looking or do you have an idea for a design?

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    Logitech Z560 Media Center

    Interesting. Are you going to keep it somewhat speaker looking or do you have an idea for a design?
    I'm intending to keep the speaker look, but rather than having a speaker up front I intend to mount a fan to draw air into the case.

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    Logitech Z560 Media Center

    awesome idea for sure. Looking forward to seeing the progression.

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    Logitech Z560 Media Center

    Just a small update:

    First round of sanding on the filler around the speaker hole, the next coat of filler is setting right now.

    The inside of the tunnel. Unfortunately, I don't have files so I made do with a box cutter but now the tunnel is clean... so this picture is kinda out of date.

    80mm Fan sat on top of the tunnel for sizing options.

    Fan sat below tunnel, I just have to figure a way of mounting it.

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    Logitech Z560 Media Center

    I think my post is still on the forum somewhere...[found it, but all the pictures disappeared] I did almost the exact same thing -- very hackjob on my part. I pulled an 80mm fan out of its casing(the square part), by cutting the support arms. I only kept the blades and the motor assembly, then dropped the whole thing into the tube with some metal supports.

    I can draw on some pictures if you want, my originals were eaten by flickr and I don't have backups. From the outside, that bit of the mod looked like came stock.

    Can't wait to see what you do with this!

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    Logitech Z560 Media Center

    You should totally put a big 220mm fan in there bud. That little 80mm is going to make more noise and not enough air. Plus that hole is begging for a big ol' fan.

    couple suggested fan I think would look awesome.

    Some big fans with LED's

    smaller 140mm black

    There's plenty to choose from that are huge. I think it would be whisper quiet and provide much more air flow for you that way.

    Just my 2cents for what it's worth.

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    Logitech Z560 Media Center

    The 80mm is just for that tube. I intend to put a big fan on the front hole.

    Right now I'm deciding if I want to start again from scratch so I can fit the mobo in the proper way

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