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Thread: The URBAN SNIPER Project

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    The URBAN SNIPER Project

    This project is for Thrasher2. Our canvas is the new CM Storm "SNIPER" case by Cooler Master

    The shell of the Sniper case will be paint "Urban camo" Heres a couple of samples of the pattern and different color combinations

    Heres the new front "Sniper" crosshair intake grill cnc milled from 3/8" thick of pure 6061 billet pron

    We've milled a hole on each side of the cross hair intake grill for a 5mm white led

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    The URBAN SNIPER Project

    Looks sweet. You and these camo paint jobs are making me want to do one to my HAF. They look so darn good.

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    The URBAN SNIPER Project

    Sheldon, does that mean we'll see a new worklog from you soon?

    Tonight I installed the machined aluminun cross hair intake in the Sniper case, so everything can be masked together for the camo pattern. The frame of the intake will be painted, the center cross hair will be left bare aluminum.

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    The URBAN SNIPER Project

    From what I've seen so far another sweet mod from a modding God! Nice idea with the urban camo. I might use that in my BA0 mod.

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    The URBAN SNIPER Project

    Thanks Bro! We are Back on Patrol with this project!

    Dismantle before paint

    Removing mesh filter screens from 5.25 bay covers, use large flat head screwdriver to push & release the tabs

    Black perforated mesh removed from beneath the vented top cover

    Bottom vented cover is held on with plastic release tabs, you must remove the front lower bezel faceplate first, before you can remove this.

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    The URBAN SNIPER Project


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    The URBAN SNIPER Project

    more masking

    Urban Camo pattern made in Roland cut studio

    Test pattern made on avery brand "paint masking" vinyl sheet with roland vinyl film plotter

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    The URBAN SNIPER Project

    Thank you NZXT for sponsoring this build with your new "Sentry 2" touch screen fan controller, retails for $29.99 at Newegg

    NZXT Product Specifications

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    The URBAN SNIPER Project

    thats quite the small PCB... I bet you have space to mount a couple SSDs behind that in the 5.25 bay.

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    The URBAN SNIPER Project

    The crosshair fan cover is excellent and the LEDs on the perimeter really make the whole thing standout!

    I also like the plain aluminum look, I tried to imagine different colors (possibly anodized) but in the end you definitely made the best choice going bare metal.

    I'm also enjoying the NZXT Sentry 2 fan controller. I'm still in the market for a controller and this one is piquing my interests. It has the right size and right look for me and definitely the right price. The previous double bay ones I had been looking at were just to much although they did look nicely put together. This one is more practical in a smaller footprint which is what I was hoping for.

    And the Charger green, incredible >

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