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Thread: OOOOooooo, This looks Good!

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    OOOOooooo, This looks Good!

    "imagine a world .....

    Where almost everyone is a vampire .....

    And the human population is almost extinct!"

    Interesting premise and a certainly most cool trailer! Check out the trailer in HD for "Daybreakers" here:

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    OOOOooooo, This looks Good!

    I like the fact that someone actually did a movie where the humans almost go extinct leaving the vampires with no food unless something is figured out. Some vampire movies in the past mention the situation as a possible future for them but no movies have been based on this concept untill this one.

    Can't wait to see it.

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    OOOOooooo, This looks Good!

    looks real good like the look of this film...

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    OOOOooooo, This looks Good!

    After Underworld I wasn't really into the vampire movies. But this one fels very different. GREAT FIND!

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