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Thread: HP3-MEGA

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    wow well done.. when i looked at your bondo guide, little did i know that this was here.. a little stumbling and i found it. looks awesome, and did u put most of it up over one night? just noticed there was no comments as it goes along. awesome case, looks great!

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    Defyant= Master of Plexi AND Bondo!! Wonderful mod!!! :twisted:

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    thanx guys! never dead!!!!! the paint i wanted to lay down on this just needed to have a perfect base...... ended up being a lottttta work

    On the home stretch now!! with all the panels now painted and cleared this weekend should just about see this mod done!:toast:

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    Beautimus, you have a talent, man those parts are OUTSTANDING!!!!!!

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    Cheer em3bilko thanx mate!

    I beleive it's worth the effort!... i'm sick of ppl dishing up rushed sh*t and saying " it's good enuf"

    It's not!

    If your going to paint....mod.... bondo.... wire tidy or even upload pics,

    You owe it to the yourself and the modding community, ..... to do the best you can!

    This is in no way directed @ you mate just a personal gripe, i feel some need to lift thyr modding game.

    An update? sure

    Now that the freshly painted panels have had a day to "set" I was eager to see how the front clear Plex Blades were going to look on the pearl!

    I have to say i was tragically dissapointed! my 5star flag ship had turned into a "titanic"..... the plex blades really offered nothing... just looked like fat glowing blue sausages... while the idea was ok early in the build.... now that the panels were coated these offered no contrast against the class of the Pearl Paint.

    I pretty much went to bed an unhappy camper. At about 1am (as it usually is with me) the idea came to me in the form of the good o'l Defyant mouse mats!

    Remember these?

    It was streight to the plex shop bright and bleery eyed @ 7am this morn for some cut to size plex goodness!!!

    I was back by 8AM armed with the new FRONT and SIDE BLADES! As you can see the new blades will be a GLOSS black a 3 layer
    design with a clear plex middle layer thats will light with the 3 colours of the case!

    The THICKER of the 2 is 2 x 8mm black strips and one 2mm middle clear the longer side blades are 4mm and 2mm clear.

    First thing to do is cut what will be the new CDROM door! Using a "thingamajig" the shape of the front panel is copied to the plex.

    Then over to the band saw for some cutting.

    Still looking a bit bulky atm!

    So it's down to the router for some intial shaping.

    Now the long task of hand sanding begins! this goes thru a stack of steps! the first being a ruff sand with 100 grit dry then 400 grit.

    Then it's over some 3 lots of wet rubbing! first 400 wet and dry then 800 with 1500 for fine finsihing." alt="" />

    Finally to bring back some of that Gloss black shine some hand compound rubbing.

    Gotta throw in the old "outside shot"

    The process is done 2 more times to create the middle and lower blades! one of wich will be modified to be the ATX switch

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    The New Bades are sat on the panel for a "looksee", i much prefer the look of the new shiny black blades! This also give me a new theme to follow thru with!

    With some Blue light action! a much Classier look.

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    The same process is done with the new Side panel Blades these will replace the old clear ones.

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    Also got a chance to play with the top HDD activity light!!!!!

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    That just looks sooooo perfect Defyant, the paint, the contrast with the new blades, everything, It looks so sexy!


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    wow, umm, wow! thats about all i can say right now! 8O soo seksy!

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