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Thread: HP3-MEGA

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    The past week has seen me "restart" work on this mod. With the a fresh set of updates to post, iv'e decided to port the whole worklog over

    Some of you may have seen this panel already in my mega bondo guide it was the original plan for HPres2 but never eventuated in favour of the single flat hole.

    First off is to mark the centre , ill be using 120mm storm water pipe to mark with and eventually use as my blow hole ends.

    mask and cut.

    Next is to cut the blow hole into 2 halves, these will become the ends.

    A rumage thru the plex scrap bin to find some fillers, hold the mok up together with hot glue and a qick test to see if all fits.

    With the front panel i want the main feature to be the blow hole and some special shaped plex light diffuses i will add later.

    A scrap peice of plex is clamped and heated to shape then marked and cut to size and used as the filler plate.

    the front it taped and some bondo is applied the the rear of the top plate and mega blow hole, allowed to dry and bondo is applied to the front

    This will be the first of 3 applications

    Once dry , its time to get dusty, using course grit a hand sander its time to knock some ruff shape into the panel.

    Using the shape of your block and using some bent paper work the shape as needed.

    Back to the bench for another layer of bondo

    Allow to dry and a ruff and final sand using finer paper.

    Starting to show some shape now.

    blade putty fills in all the minor left over pinholes and a final sand and a good few coats of spray putty to seal it all down.

    Allow to cure or go-off for a few days to sink back then its time to wetrub.

    A dusty coat of black paint is applied as your guide, this will show up your highs and lows and help with wetsanding.

    The end result .... a clean front panel with a Mega! blowhole.

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    Making some front plexi "high-lights" for the facia, these are cut then hand sanded to shape and will stay "unpolished" so they have a diffused look when they are lit rather then a sharp look on previous mods.

    A name for them? how does "Convel Plex Light Diffusers" sound ?

    Anyways they are simple highlight and will suit the theme without taking too much away from the mega blow hole

    First off is to take the shape of the front then transfer it onto the plex, jigsaw cut, hand sand shape with 40 grit then finished off with some wet and dry 400grit

    testing how the light will travel thru the plex bits.

    next will be to drill a small hole @ one end for an LED this will light the plex.

    this next shot is cheeting a bit, rather than back lighting i simply shon the light from above but it give an idea of the end result

    Lile i said, not sure i'll keep this...... im leaning towards a mega hole uptop as well for the rad

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    decided to run a side mounted res again a larger single unit this time and to also highlight it with its one MEGA-type-HOLE as well

    First off the side panel

    I've cut some strip of plex these can be bent to shape for the edges.

    using a bit of heat the strips of plex bend to shap with little effort.

    not too hard.

    ive decided to "groove" tenches around the walls, this will give a lower area for the bondo to bite down and sand back level.

    a qik re-sand on the groved areas

    same with the back

    next is to sit the side walls back in and use some hot glue to hold it all in place.

    Next is a qik "fitup" test, i a big fan of the fitup test

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    after the initial sand back i could see on the bottem edge of the side hole the bondo wasnt sticking

    i didnt prep clean proper...... a few holes to act as "anchor points" will fix that.

    and some fresh bondo

    Some more sanding, using an old peice of plastic pipe i can wrap some 60G around it and sand the shape needed.

    Starting to take shape

    Lil bit more work

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    I Didn't want to simply run the old metal back plate, so i thought i'd try something different.
    Stepping out to my favourite shop, i picked up a cut peice 8mm thick clear plex!

    A qik test to see it fits right, all the motherboard points and needed holes, mounts etc will be added later.

    The plex panel it self isn't the actual mod! but the idea to diffuse and light it is!

    the idea came to me while doing the front light diffusers, its just going to be on a much larger scale.

    A qik test on a small peice of off-cut confirms the idea will work.

    next is to sand the peice of plex with 1200 wet and dry, the small scratched catch the light beem and allow the whole flat surface to light, rather then just letting the light travel thru to the ends like on Hevy plex SLB mod i did for Zak.

    Adding some light.

    Once i could see that the effect was goin to work it was time to peel off the protective paper and get to work on my motherboard back panel.

    Simple wetrub in the laundry sink again with 1200 W/D and a 3M rubber hand block, all of 15 mins work and is done to both sides to achive an almost frosted look.

    The end result.

    Next is to hook up some lights for testing.

    turn off the lights and see if it works!

    i was pretty impressed at what a great internal light feature this simple mod makes,even with the motherboard and internal bolted in there will still be enuf see-able area to keep this a main feature inside the case.

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    I decided to make the Fan box again!and this time keep it plex rather than bondoing over it.

    I also decided to rout the edges this time and also do the inner circles to keep the whole fan box looking round and blend in with the rest of this mod

    Because the PLEX is soo thick this time "10mm" i had to countersink the screw holes.

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    The routed edges are shined clear with flame.

    The end result one lit proper the box wiill become a light feature inside the case as well has being a fan holder.


    Not quiet sure whats to say about this next mod for HPR3!

    just decided to do it! thought it would work in well with the rest of the mod and it's a great way to spend a sunday arvo (6 months ago :P )

    Defyant style Plex PSU

    Off to the plex shop and get some cut to size bits!

    next was to measure and install some stand offs

    a quick check....this is just ageneric 400watter from an oldserver

    Some heat sink bending will be needed!!!!!

    Some drilling!!!

    Some fitting of a switch and power socket

    Some sanding with wet and dry to get that nice frosted finish...1200g is used.

    Some wiring/soldering back up up wires!

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    The outer walls are glued on and the 120mm fan is added.

    Some drilling thread tapping and coountersinking of holes are done to secure the lid.

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    The end result!!! i may still give the edges a hand beveling for a rounded look.

    Hows it look?

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