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Thread: Khan! The Gaming laptop

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    Khan! The Gaming laptop

    I finally picked up one of those Clevo M570RU-U rigs... with 4GB & 8700M vid card... no OS... no HD... no Proc...
    Then installed the T9300 I purchased ... and Intel M25 160GB SSD SATA drive.
    Now that the Warranty is nearly up - It's time to being the modding on the laptop.

    Remember: Click the Pics for higher Rez shots

    Reminded / inspired by Mickey's Fieldmouse [Fallout3] Gamming Laptop...
    I had the need to mod my laptop.

    What should I etch on the back cover of my laptop?
    Red suggested a Abram's Enterprise:
    but I really don't like the backend of that ship.

    I really do like the EnterpriseA.... and this Tobias Richter rendering appealed to uber Treker-ness:

    I really enjoy Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and thought it would make a nice back etching.

    Converted the pic (with permission - Thanks Tobias
    ) to black and white... inverted it... sized it... and etched at 60% power @ 100% speed.

    5 hours in my laser cutter and out comes - Khan! The Gamming Laptop.

    And a detail shot:

    I'm pleased with the results; but I feel there may be a better method / better etch in the cards somewhere.
    I'll have to give this some additional thought - but my biggest stumbling block is I really don't want to disassemble the entire screen to get the brushed aluminum peice out of the laptop.

    T'will have to ponder more on this - while I do that; check out some of our other projects like my Star Trek Pinball mods...

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    Khan! The Gaming laptop



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    Khan! The Gaming laptop

    Sweet and Welcome Back!

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    Khan! The Gaming laptop

    Sweet and Welcome Back!
    May have seemed like it - but I really haven't been "gone".
    Just nothing to post about here - given most have my work lately has been on my Star Trek pinball machines.
    The Bally Star Trek restoration has been my 100% focus for the last 2-3 mths. So much so; that I have a Core i7 cpu setting here - without a motherboard 0-0 . Have to get off my keyster and upgrade ATTN2Detail to house that puppy before QCon'09.

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