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Thread: advice on 3.5 bay mod

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    advice on 3.5 bay mod

    pretty simple really, gut a 3.5 floppy. put a retractable mini usb cable inside. Some kind of plates monted inside to hold the thing snug. slot cut in the plates to allow the cable to run free. old external usb from a trashed case runs from the modo headers and plugs in to the usb end. The front end sits just inside the floppy case where its handy to grab and pull free. The original 3.5 faceplate will be hinged (maybe eyeglass case hinges?) So it would be a stealthed 3.5, hinged, with a retractable mini usb for my camera right inside. Straightforward in theory but looking for advice on anything I havent thought of or an easier solution that what I've outlined. I've also never hinged a faceplate before, is this as easy as it sounds?

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    advice on 3.5 bay mod

    Go find one of the retractable USB cables, they are usually pretty cheap(price and quality), but it sounds like something you could be able to do pretty easily... otherwise you will have to come up with some kind of spring loaded take up wheel.

    I'm not sure how you would do the hinges, but someone here should have some ideas.

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