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Thread: How much energy do lights use?

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    How much energy do lights use?


    Do LEDs, fans ect use alot of electricity? Does it put a strain on the PSU? I need quite a fast reply.

    Thank you

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    How much energy do lights use?

    depends on how many, and how much extra power your supply has. In general, LEDs don't (in numbers less than like 20) and I am not sure about CCFLs.

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    How much energy do lights use?

    LED's don't use any power when compared to system components I measured 36 800mcd LED's at 157mW that less then half the power a usb port can output.

    if you need more detail let me know...


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    How much energy do lights use?

    Thank you all very much. I will check about ccfl's and write here just in case someone would find it helpful.

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