Hello and thanks for wanting to post your mod suggestion for the NVIDIA ION Mod Competition!

Remember these important facts!

Prize info is as follows:

The Top 30 idea picked will get a FREE CPU Mag subscription.

The top 4 selected ideas that don't win the CPU Mag competition will receive a ZOTAC ION ITX 230 + copy of Sims 3 + 1400 Battlefield Heroes Battle Funds.

Top #1 idea will win the PC they dreamed up that was created by the Pro Modder!

Rules of the posts:

* That only one idea from each person that submits an idea can make it into the top 30.

* The person who created the topic and submitted the idea is the owner of the idea and is the person who will be entered. Commenting and making someone's idea better is nice, but it won't result in the person who commented on the idea having it become their entry.

The Pro Modders will use these ideas as inspiration but do not have to follow the ideas exactly as submitted.

If you have not already registered with the site, please do so at New Member Register

Now that you have done that, it is time to post your idea.

In the NVIDIA ION Mod Submittal section please create a new topic for your submittal and place your forum name in the Topic.
Example: ION mod idea by Americanfreak

If you have more than one idea please create another Topic.
Example: ION mod idea by Americanfreak #2

Doing it this way will help everyone distinguish the entries.

Your idea or vision can be anything you like but you MUST include some sort of visual content so that the judges and the modders have something to go by. NO you do not have to be some sort of artist, this is NOT a contest on your ability to create an image. The images can be photos, pictures, photoshop images, modeling, hand drawn images, and etc...it just has to be something that we can see in your ION mod idea post.

You can submit as many images as you like plus you are required to include text on what the mod is or what it is about. The more information you supply; the better your chances are to have your idea picked as a finalist. NOTE: You could be asked to submit more information and images at a later date to help us pick the finalist, so please be ready to do so.

So you are not sure how to post your images? Well here is a very short but sweet how-to. Now with this how-to you already have your images hosted somewhere.

This guide is going to show the processes for adding images to your post.

This we will do the standard image.


Step 1)

Click the Insert Image Button.


Step 2)

Enter your image url.


Step 3)

Click the OK button.

Result you will get

The result would be.

If you use flickr, photobucket,imageshack, or other image hosts they will help you create a link for you to insert. IF you do not have access to such a place we can host the images for you at Modders-Inc by sending an email to ionmodimages@modders-inc.com and PLEASE add Images for ION Mod Contest (or something to that effect) in the subject header. Also remember to include your forum name. Images requirements for this help need to be in one of the following formats. .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .bmp at 1mb or smaller file size and we may re-size to fit.


One last bit of information for you is a link to Zotac N330 board details.
Zotac N330 Dual Core This is the DE version which requires the standard 20-Pin ATX Connector.

You have all the information you need so start submitting those ideas and good luck!

These items DO NOT count as part of the build cost!


SSD Drives