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Thread: Have a submittal question? Ask it here!

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    Have a submittal question? Ask it here!

    If there is one lesson to be learned by entering creativity contests, (beleive me I've entered a lot of them) is that one must be prepared to lose. (beleive me, I've also lost a lot of them). We are the majority. The winners are the minority.

    Second to that, one must be a good-sport no matter the outcome. It's great to beleive in ones creativity or ideas and remain optimistic about ones chances - positive vibes and all - However, regardless if one is a winner or not, being a good-sport about it is an important virtue and it will do more for ones character than any win could ever.

    In cases like this when someone takes the loss to an extreme and emotional outbursts supersedes rational behaviour, it not only hurts them but also the community. It's unfortunate they were banned but I believe this was less a measure of this particular situation that they found themselves in but rather, a measure of their character - and had they won, the opposite extreme would have reared it's ugly head.
    Well said

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    Have a submittal question? Ask it here!

    yes.. very well said.. unfortunaetly.. another fact ive all to often run into.. including with our friend here.. is that no matter how sage the comment or advice.. those that have said problem.. also cant handle constructive critisism and thus the wisdom is wasted on those that chose deaf ears over improving themselvs.

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    Have a submittal question? Ask it here!

    Fact or Fiction was cracklejackal's (mod case) idea posted in time to be eligible? Fact or Fiction did the idea meet the criteria? Fact or Fiction did the idea
    scream Nvidia ION more so than the other competitors? Fact or Fiction did the idea have the best(case mod) design? Fact or Fiction was the idea most creative?A ship called "The Mother Ship" had structure similar to Nvidia corporation.Unreasonable people are ridiculous.Just from seeing "The top 30"it seems they went by image quality or technology and threw some other ideas in the mix.Not to flame but,come on are you serious champaign and holder,a pc on a stick what logic is that it could fall,a treasure chest how can that say Nvidia or ION?ect....btw What a waste of time and copy cats suck.

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    Have a submittal question? Ask it here!

    Error, I really feel bad for you. Some mods made it that I didn't think would, and some didn't that I was sure was going to. I really thought my Firefly mod, while an homage to geeks everywhere, would be disqualified due to size and/or complexity to build. However, the forum mods spoke, and I am humbled to have made the first cut.

    That said, please take whatever lessons you can garner and come back in the next competition with something even better than before. Looking over the site, they seem to run a lot of these competitions, and I plan to enter those as well. Please, do not let one small speedbump on the road of life derail all your chances for modding greatness.

    Fact or Fiction is largely irrelevant, as this is based on somebody else's opinion of our creativity and feasibility in these mods. Each of us could probably write a short story as to why our mods were the best, but it doesn't matter. You didn't make the cut - at least leave this competition with some dignity and respect to your name. If you refuse, I hear is always looking for more members.

    - Kraz

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    Have a submittal question? Ask it here!


    I take offense that you believe the finalists were chosen on visual images alone. If it was image based then don't you think your photoshop renders would have made it? Does having a pretty picture help? Probably, but if you have a really pretty picture and poorly thought out idea its not going to get you anywhere. I am no artist, I simply used the skills I had to produce an idea that made me happy. I submitted an idea i thought was cool in my own mind not what the judges or anyone else, were looking for. I believe all the ideas that were chosen and 98% of those that weren't (including yours), have real creativity and thought put into the designs. As long as YOU like your idea that's all that really matters. If you are so concerned about winning you will miss the enjoyment of just creating something that is uniquely yours.

    Im sure your design met all the criteria of the contest but unfortunately so did the other 400 some entry's, but You seem to be the only one upset that your idea wasn't chosen? What is that going to say about you? Im sorry yours wasn't chosen but if you really like your idea then why not build it yourself instead of tearing down others ideas? If you want Id be happy to make up some models and drawings in SolidWorks for you? Im sure there are others here that would be happy to help you make your idea a reality (provided you change your attitude). A positive attitude and an open mind will get you further than stubborn pessimism.


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    Have a submittal question? Ask it here!

    Why bother witht he Ion? The Atom CPU is way too under powered. It cant; even play HQ Youtube files. or Hulu. Can Ion achieve thsi with vnvidia's 9400 chip?

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    Have a submittal question? Ask it here!

    My Ion build runs Hulu and Youtube vids just fine.

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