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Thread: Bill “Overkill Bill” Owen

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    Bill “Overkill Bill” Owen

    “I started in 2001. I build and modify computers into unique custom designs for hardware manufacturers and pc enthusiasts around the world.” Bill has dedicated time to teaching others within the community and his top-notch projects are well-known among PC enthusiasts. He enjoys modding because there are no boundaries for creativity.

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    Bill “Overkill Bill” Owen

    I'm excited to see what type of ideas everyone will be submitting to the ION contest!

    Heres some of my other previous & present PC projects.

    WoW Case Mod


    Cooler Master V8 CPU Cooler with Ferrari theme

    Ghost Rider Media Center PC for the Mod Nation

    PimpRig Tribute PC

    CPU STINGRAY for PC Modder Magazine build

    Harley Davidson PC

    Bio-Mechanical PCs

    Phenom PC for AMD Corporation

    CM Storm PC built for Cooler Master

    "Asibe" 902 case modded for Antec Inc

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    Bill “Overkill Bill” Owen

    Sup mnpctech! Its Zedman3d from Tech-Forums, great to see you here!

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    Bill “Overkill Bill” Owen

    Sup mnpctech! Its Zedman3d from Tech-Forums, great to see you here!
    Hi Zedman3d, are you entering a design for the contest too?

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    Bill “Overkill Bill” Owen

    I have indeed mate. :wink:

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    Bill “Overkill Bill” Owen

    Hi hi

    Nice Ferrari engine, loving it!

    I am lexybot, I just found this place and entered the comp,

    please have a look see at my submission, whether I win or not I am looking for it to get built ;0)


    p.s. looks like someone ripped off my idea last min in the submission thread.


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    Bill “Overkill Bill” Owen

    Welcome to the forums guys!

    We will see which of your designs have been chosen by the contest organizers in couple of days

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    Bill “Overkill Bill” Owen

    Hey Bill,

    I must say that I hope you get to work on the mod I submitted and made to the top 30. With your metalworking skills with the AMD case, it would seem to fit perfectly with the mod idea I had posted. I love the mods, and keep up the good work.

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    Bill “Overkill Bill” Owen

    Bill glad to see you in the contest. Me love your work long time. Looks like they FINALLY got some folks worthy of challenging you. Can't wait to see the awesome mods you all turn out.

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    Bill “Overkill Bill” Owen

    Thank you for your support guys!

    It is people like you in the hardware community that keep this hobby thriving. Espeically now, with people cutting back from hobbies and recreational expenses. I'm hoping Windows7 will help boost our little corner of the industry.

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