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Thread: Geno “BoxGods” Phipps

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    Geno “BoxGods” Phipps

    “I have been modding pretty much since the beginning when we cross drilled copper slugs for water blocks, top end video cards had little passive heat sinks that wouldn't cool a motherboard chipset today, and you had to make your own fanbus from Cliff Andersons plans.” Gene has won many mod contests and writes modding how to articles to help other modders in their efforts

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    Geno “BoxGods” Phipps

    WOW what a respectable looking half life 2 case(The orange box)G.wiz! Zing! Pow! that's nice! 0-0

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    Geno “BoxGods” Phipps

    You missed out on a great opportunity...oh well,maybe next time there's ION/NVIDIA contest.

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