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Thread: #23 - ION mod idea by Bomberboysk

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    #23 - ION mod idea by Bomberboysk

    To integrate the ion motherboard into a G19 keyboard, sort of like how a commodore 64 was an all in one keyboard sort of design. The motherboard would be on the bottom, the keyboard would need a new housing on the bottom in order to fit it, but use the top half/design of the G19 keyboard on top. On the right, you would have a slimline optical drive, and integrated into it would be a small "subwoofer" sort of speaker on the left side , and two smaller satelites built into the top parts. The wrist support would be custom molded, with a nice gel or foam padding of some sort. The overall color theme would be black and green, like the nvidia colors.


    Also, i was thinking about the ergonomic supports but forgot to put it in the image. Would definately need wrist support.

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    #23 - ION mod idea by Bomberboysk

    Thanks for the post bomberboysk, not sure why the insert image didn't work. I linked it though.

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    #23 - ION mod idea by Bomberboysk

    Another good idea! This sure make it easy to take to a LAN and stuff ;-)

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    #23 - ION mod idea by Bomberboysk

    Yeah, I dig this one too. Not sure why you would take it to a LAN though =)

    Maybe be a good bit of wrist strain also...have to build in some sort of wrist wrests.

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    #23 - ION mod idea by Bomberboysk

    Sweet Idea! I dig it! Plus one on the ergonomic supports!

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    #23 - ION mod idea by Bomberboysk

    Updated image with speakers, and wrist support.

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