Objective of this mod: This mod should be something everyone would like at work or at home. It should be something that people enjoy and familiar with. And should be low cost yet don't look cheap.

The mod should look like digital picture frame. People like picture frames. Cause it reminds them of friends, family, or just places they wish they could be.

It looks like this:

The ION will be enclosed in a black rectangular box to hide it and can be detached (like a clip on) from the back of the digital picture frame so they can take it with them. The picture frame will include a builtin SDcard slot to hold pics. The picture frame will have 3 buttons.

The first is a mode button. You can set the mode to slideshow or collage. Collage will be like the google screensaver collage. See: Google Screensaver in collage mode.

The 2nd is a time delay button. This is actually a dial that you can spin up or down. Up is faster. Down is slower.
Fastest is 5 sec delay. Slowest is 2 mins delay.

The 3rd is a just power button to turn off the digital picture frame in case you want to save electricity. If you detach the ION box from the digital picture frame, you can still use the digital picture frame since it got its own power cord.