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    #12 - ION mod idea by evil-98 #2

    This is my second idea. Its a boom box which uses a touch screen for its interface. It could be standalone (off the grid) if you were to use the IONITX-D-E instead of the IONITX-A-U because then you could use the 24pin interface and use a DC to DC power supply + a 12v motorcycle battery and the system would probably run for a good few hours, you could probably integrate a solar cell to the back of the boom box so it could charge it self when its not running. you would probably need to find some small charge controller but im sure even without it, it would be fine since were not aiming for efficiency of the solar cell charging the battery but more so that it has the ability to sustain it self.

    the touch screen was based off of an AIM touch screen AIM-TM5R070-O01 which is 7" high res and i heard it has an intuitive driver. also i would image some sort of mod so that the screens cable would all be internal. ill leave your imagination up to that.

    here is a render, im still working on the layout as well as the render itself. was late and wanted to get a render going over night so its another quick one.

    also the top bar of white i was thinking it could either be a PLED display or some sort of led DB meter so it could jump when music was going for some visual eye candy.

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    #12 - ION mod idea by evil-98 #2

    Going retro all the way back to the early 80's...good idea.

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    #12 - ION mod idea by evil-98 #2


    yea some new school with some old school

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    #12 - ION mod idea by evil-98 #2

    Where the hell did I put my tube socks and roller skates?

    I Dig it Rocky!

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    #12 - ION mod idea by evil-98 #2

    Sweet! I just grabbed an old Boombox off the street a couple weeks ago to add to the mod closet!

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