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Thread: Haze's Debut--- Project Standard Issue

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    Haze's Debut--- Project Standard Issue

    Hi everyone,
    Some background on me:: im a 16 year old kid in TX, been building computers since i was 13, i have built 2 mineral oil computers, and around 5-6 normal. suprisingly i have never watercooled. I have been tracing the forums at casemodgod watching all the pro's ( my favorites being , Sheldog23, and Tribaloverkill ) and wanted to start my own worklog, so i discovered MI and figured it would be better for a new start on a new site.

    My dad is a Lt. Col in the army reserves, so ive always grown up around army stuff, thus i have a huge ammo can about the size of a mid tower in my possession. I know that i wont be the first ammo can mod out there, but in all ammo cans that i have seen, everything looked sloppy and cramped and un-painted etc. so i plan to make a Watercooled system inside the can and make everythign look clean and organized with camo paint.

    Specs thus far:

    Shuttle STG20 mainboard (939, pci-E)
    Xtasy x850XT 256mb pci-e

    I apologize, but i dont have pictures from the VERY VERY beggining seeing as my camera was being finicky, but i guess you guys dont really care about the process of tearing a shuttle completely apart and drilling out riveted parts of a metal can lol

    Pics soon, lemme guys know what you think!

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    Haze's Debut--- Project Standard Issue

    Ok here are some pictures of the Mobo in the can to kinda give you an idea

    ill post more when i get it, the process might be slow because my highschool soccer team is now in playoffs, and we practice every day, and have games twice a week

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    Haze's Debut--- Project Standard Issue

    I have never seen a case mod done with a ammo tin so I'm looking forward to seeing the hard work in getting this completed. It's going to be different but at the same time would be a good mod to do.

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    Haze's Debut--- Project Standard Issue


    Ok so this isnt much work, but i did have soccer practice until 6 o'clock and not much time to work

    here im making the backplate for the case
    first i start with the cut out backplate of the Shuttle case

    then i traced it onto acrlyic

    first cuts made

    test fit

    taped up to cut the L shape out

    finished piece

    lining it up

    this acrlyic piece wont actually be on teh case, but what im doing with it is im going to fit it to the motherboard and put the motherboard in the case, and then drill holes in corners of this piece against the outside of the case

    then i will take it out, and mount the acrlyic piece on the outside of the case, trace it onto the case, and then cut it out so that it will be the proper elevation above the case floor

    ill try to keep this mod running quickly, but my highschool soccer team is now in playoffs and we have practice every day, so no promises.

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    Haze's Debut--- Project Standard Issue

    Looks great so far. This will be a fun build to watch.

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    Haze's Debut--- Project Standard Issue

    Thanks americanfreak, im glad your interested

    So today i got the io plate cut out of the back of the can

    i started by taping the backplate seen above onto the back of the case **2 bolts are also holding it in place**

    then i traced the pattern onto the case with gold sharpie

    cut the pattern out with drill and dremel

    set the motherboard in with a tv tuner card

    and watched it line up nice


    tommorow im going to try and get the cut outs cleaned up, and the risers for the motherboard set in place

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    Haze's Debut--- Project Standard Issue

    yeah, I think this is going to look really cool when your done too, I will sure be keeping my eye on this topic.

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    Haze's Debut--- Project Standard Issue

    Never seen that done with a shuttle,Innovation makes the world go round.Great job so far!

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    Haze's Debut--- Project Standard Issue

    Haze great work and have fun filing this project is awesome thanks for keeping us up-dated.

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    Haze's Debut--- Project Standard Issue

    truly sweet man btw i love your avatar. :lol:

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