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Thread: [SiP] [Sidepanel in Progress] [update 03.07.06]

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    [SiP] [Sidepanel in Progress] [update 03.07.06]

    Hey all.

    I've recently bought a Lian Li v2000B, from which I said I would never touch any part of it for modding :S ..
    I paid the full price (at 280€ / +/- 355$) for the case, which makes it even harder to even THINK of modding it (looking at faillures which sometimes happen :P :P).

    A freak as I am, I can't leave it unmodded.

    I'll start with a simple thing as the sidepanel.

    I have designed a simple, yet nice overview of what I'm going to do.

    As you can see below (click for bigger pic) this is the idea so far. I'm going to bed now, but will start with it when I wake up ..

    I'll try to shoot some pixx with my vidcam later tomorrow.

    I've made several designs, but none of them were just IT. I wanted something simple, yet effective.
    So I hope you like this design.

    "Project Coldside 2000"



    update 03.07.2006:


    update 05.07.2006:

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    [SiP] [Sidepanel in Progress] [update 03.07.06]

    wow, thats a lot of fans! although it depends on how many hard drives are down there better put them on some kind of fan controller!

    it looks like a good design,i dont know what the whole case looks like though, so i cant really say. lol.

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    [SiP] [Sidepanel in Progress] [update 03.07.06]

    hey .. a review of the case can be found here[/url]. on page 3 or 4 there's a photo which shows the inside case containing a full size atx motherboard. This will give you an impression of the size of the case.

    About the harddrives: I currently have 9 hdd's in there.
    The case was supplied with only 1x120mm fan in the front of the case blowing fresh air into the case.

    About the fans on the upper right side --> I've got a zalman 9500LED on the CPU and a zalman vf900-cu on the vidcard. But I think more fans is even better :P for cooling ey ..
    And I don't mind the sound ..

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    [SiP] [Sidepanel in Progress] [update 03.07.06]

    Well .. that was a quick end for today ..
    I was drilling the 90mm hole for the 92mm fans (i noticed i don't have a 120mm drill :S). When I was almost through, the drill just exploded and gave me a really heavy electric shock .. now I've got some scratches and a dead drill .. and my t-shirt is kaputt .. but the worst thing is that the drill is kaputt ..

    Crap ... now I have to wait another 2 weeks for a new drill ..

    Shouldn't happen with a 'Black & Dekker'

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    [SiP] [Sidepanel in Progress] [update 03.07.06]

    To bad about your drill and scratchs on the side pannel. You can always redesign the side pannel so you could cut out the scratched area.
    I think if I were going to be modding a thick side pannel of a Lian-Li case, I would have it either laser or water jet cut to your specs, that's how I did my UFO case.

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    [SiP] [Sidepanel in Progress] [update 03.07.06]

    damn, that sucks! hope your ok now! just dont let it put you off

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    [SiP] [Sidepanel in Progress] [update 03.07.06]

    yah, I think I'll leave the drill thing out, and do everything with the dremel again .. ah well. that works too, but it takes so damn long ..

    I d*d do some fanholes (8) to my CUBE mod a while ago with the same drill .. but i guess this case is too hard :S

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    [SiP] [Sidepanel in Progress] [update 03.07.06]

    eLecTro that's not what you need to happen on a new project to get things kicked off. I feel for you buddy but don't worry your not alone when it comes to mishaps

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    [SiP] [Sidepanel in Progress] [update 03.07.06]

    doh that sux...

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    [SiP] [Sidepanel in Progress] [update 03.07.06]

    yah .. shit happens :P .. but there's still hope, ey ? --> but I aint got time now until friday ..

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