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Thread: #271 - ION Mod Idea by CustomPCMAX

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    #271 - ION Mod Idea by CustomPCMAX

    My idea is pretty simple, but I think would be cool. I say you make a case that looks like a thick book.

    That was just an example pic... it could even be made from a real book (maybe). Then have an IO panel on the back side (pages) and have the binding be the front of the PC. You could give it a cool name "The History of ION PC" or something in guilded gold lettering.

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    #271 - ION Mod Idea by CustomPCMAX

    Interesting idea, but I'm afraid to say that Andybchch already thought of it under his post below.

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    #271 - ION Mod Idea by CustomPCMAX

    Its been posted 1 or 2 times already. But thats not to say you didnt come up with it by yourself, and for that, good work!

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    #271 - ION Mod Idea by CustomPCMAX

    I guess I just have to come up with something else...

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    #271 - ION Mod Idea by CustomPCMAX

    As long as the ideas are different the duplicate issue wont pose a problem. Granted there is only so many ways you can put a PC in a book.

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