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Thread: Old Blow Hole, New Rad. Help

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    Old Blow Hole, New Rad. Help

    I have had to revert to using my pc case as an attempt at an in-desk water-cooled pc dramatically failed.

    I need some advice/ help with a couple of things....

    1. I have an 80mm Blow hole on the top of the case that is no longer needed; can anyone suggest anything usefull/ interesting/ stylish to do with it other that fill it, sand it and paint it?

    2. I am currently "mounting" the dual 80mm radiator in the 3.5" hard drive bay mount area, where it sits very comfortably, but is not secured to anything. Does anyone know of a good way to secure it (bearing it mind that the mounting holes are obviously on the front/ back of the rad with the surface to fix it to being at its sides, with a gap of about 4mm either side)??

    I am hoping to get a 120mm rad when I get paid to mount behind the fan shown here (which is where the current rad is mounted behind):

    This is a pre water cooled and pre window pic

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    Old Blow Hole, New Rad. Help

    you can do right angle brackets pretty easily. Just make sure to bolt them down tight so that it doesnt rattle too much.

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    Old Blow Hole, New Rad. Help

    WMB why not put a cage on the outside and simply install a fan there? *0mm or 120 mm, whichever fits best. You can never have too much cooling!

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    Old Blow Hole, New Rad. Help

    That * should be an 8, sorry.

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    Old Blow Hole, New Rad. Help

    Take a piece of plexi-glass(colored would be best) and do an etching, painted design, or lightly sand it then add a light or some sort to make it glow.

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    Old Blow Hole, New Rad. Help

    I'm with AF. A nice window feature would be cool. Or get a nice piece of aluminum and have some artwork printed on it and secure it to the top as decoration. There are lots of cool ways to accent a case that can be used to cover things.

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