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Thread: Lets See What You Have Done!

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    Lets See What You Have Done!

    Lets see your Modded Cases! I know there has to be some new, cool, and great looking cases out there that we have not seen yet or maybe you have ones that may be older, either way we want to see them!

    Modders-Inc has worked with CPU Magazine, NVIDIA, QuakeCon and others that love to see the newest creative cases. What a great place to show off your work!

    Please take a few moments and post your work so that we can all enjoy them.



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    Lets See What You Have Done!

    C'mon no one has any cases they want to show off?

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    Lets See What You Have Done!

    Working Hard at moving the build Log here but tons to do to move it.It is the build i just finished and is Featured on the NZXT Facebook Homepage and on the front page of for Mod of the Month Jan 2012.It is also Listed here on Modders Inc.

    Modders Inc. Link here:

    NZXT Features it here:

    OCN has it on there front page here:

    I Have been trying to get the build here but under Contest rules i couldn't have it anywhere else till February 5th 2012 so i am here now and working on moving the Log over.And will post my new Build when i get started on it.

    Hope you all Like it and Glad to be here at Modders Inc.

    Thanks for looking MybadOmen

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