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Thread: #15 - ION Mod Idea By SaMMeh

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    #15 - ION Mod Idea By SaMMeh

    My Idea for the ION mod is the Counter-Strike:Source C4 Explosive.

    I came up with the idea for the mod by thinking how small yet powerful the ION Platform is like a C4 explosive.
    I was thinking you could put the actual ION Platform as the C4 and for the Detonator on top put a HDD or a DVD/Blue Ray drive and a small LCD screen and have it tell you things like you're ram usage and CPU performance.

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    #15 - ION Mod Idea By SaMMeh

    OMG SAM HAHA genius. I was thinking something along the lines of gpu temp and cpu temp harddrive is internal 2.5 I believe.

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    #15 - ION Mod Idea By SaMMeh

    Cool idea!

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    #15 - ION Mod Idea By SaMMeh

    Masterful idea, SaMMeh. The size and depiction are perfect for this, and you might even be able to have a small numeric keypad below the display readout.

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    #15 - ION Mod Idea By SaMMeh

    Nice....surprised that there has not been a Left 4 Dead suggestion...oopppsss did I say that out loud?

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