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Thread: #14 - ION mod idea by GRPace

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    #14 - ION mod idea by GRPace

    My ION mod submittal is simply based off a small treasure chest. I mean lets be honest, who wouldn't want a small little treasure chest sitting on there desk? I know I would so that's why I am submitting my idea. I hope you like it.

    Just a little picture of what it would look like on your desk.

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    #14 - ION mod idea by GRPace

    Opened, closed, coins, pearls...?

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    #14 - ION mod idea by GRPace

    Haha I would say you can open it and see the glorious treasure that is the ION platform.

    Coins and pearls are a must

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    #14 - ION mod idea by GRPace

    Sweet. I wish my desk looked like that!

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    #14 - ION mod idea by GRPace

    Hey I wasn't that far off from being in the top 30! #386 is a treasure chest as well 8-)

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