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Thread: Armorsuit PC-P60

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    Armorsuit PC-P60

    Hi to all,not posted for a while,this is my next project.
    Not gonna waffle on so here are some pics.
    A few pics of the case.

    Bits and peices powder coated

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    Armorsuit PC-P60

    Rest of the case has been powder coated as well,sorry for the bad pics and the flowery beadspread.

    The res i will be using is a aqaugate max,which i have had a bit of a play with.
    I have changed the front from chrome to black,and the back of the res has had some work done to it as well

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    Armorsuit PC-P60

    Some tubing ive got in at the mo just to see if it looks ok

    Rad,grills and fans fitted

    Testing the fans and lights,and a peice of white acrylic to cover the bays,also holds two lights

    Also fired up the rest of the fans and other bits

    Thats where i am at the mo,next couple of weeks will be getting wet for the first time.
    Sorry to bore you with all the pics
    Thanks for looking.

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    Armorsuit PC-P60

    Very Nice! The powered coating is a good choice and it the color scheme look good too.

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    Armorsuit PC-P60

    Thanks for the reply

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    Armorsuit PC-P60

    Sorry for not posting for a while,been waiting for my new bits.
    Got my new mobo,ram and hard drive and some other bits and bobs.
    Its not brill but im happy how my first wet build has turned out.
    Less of the chat,here are some pics.

    Thanks for looking

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    Armorsuit PC-P60

    nice man looks very smart!

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    Armorsuit PC-P60

    Thanks for the reply razer121,much appreciated
    Two more pics,job done

    Thanks for the replys
    Thanks for looking

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    Armorsuit PC-P60


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    Armorsuit PC-P60

    That rad grill is awesome!

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