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Thread: #38 - Ion Mod Idea by Penquin

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    #38 - Ion Mod Idea by Penquin

    So my first idea was to make something arty. Something that you can just place in the living room that would come out to look like a piece of art and/or can be something useful. I took the Gravity defying wine bottle idea. The base consist only of the slim drive slot in drive that i opted to use. Mobo and HD is housed inside the wine holder itself. Design was to be versatile giving the ability to either have wine held there for a more sophisticated look or to maybe house a coke bottle, 2 litter or something and have the dispenser as the cap so you can use it as a sort of coke tank thing. :P All in all the case isn't very game-y or sci-fi-ish.

    The colors i used are black and the Nvidia green. Planning to include some cathodes or something to give it a option to light up the underside with a cool green glow. I was planning to look at brushed black steel/ aluminum for the casing with frosted acrylic for the green side. If not i shall go with some sort of plastic. Looking up prices now.

    Have a few more renderings coming but this is the main three options i'm deciding between for now.

    slot loading drive didnt appear in this one. Boo

    same size as the first but just part of the tip is extruded downwards. Includes the image of where the slot loading drive is.

    Same idea as the second one but the extruded part goes down further giving it a more aggressive look.

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    #38 - Ion Mod Idea by Penquin

    i just added in a few more renderings

    an xray of the whole computer. The ion motherboard's wifi would be routed to the top of the case.

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